Meant To 'Be My Valentine'

Adding a Spinning Wheel to my collection of Fabric and Fiber arsenal should not come as a surprise to anyone, myself included.  However, it has and does...myself included.  You see, in the past, a real, honest to goodness spinning wheel was wishful thinking and near the bottom of my Fiber Bucket List.  Plus, my interest in spinning yarn does not lie in knitting sweaters and for sure NOT socks.  No, it's more in what is known as 'Art Yarn'....as seen on my Pinterest Art Yarn Board.
Perhaps my spinning intuition comes from my Colonial 5X Great Grandmother who no doubt HAD to spin for socks and unlike her 5X Great Granddaughter could make a matching pair, and did not suffer from SSS (second sock syndrome).  Believe me as a knitter with a basket full of UFO socks and sweaters, 'Art Yarn' has a better chance of becoming at least A Christmas Stocking!
Included in my collection of knitting/spinning things are books.  So, with my inherited spinning intuition I was destined to zoom in on this passage in chapter 4 of No Idle Hands...

"I can see her yet stepping back and forth beside the spinning wheel as she spun the rolls of wool into yarn."  Skeins were often taken off the reel and one of us would hold them on our outstretched hands while the other wound it into a ball.  Or we would place it over two chairs, turned back to back a little way around, and walking round and round, wind it into a ball. 

I better not say 'I won't be spinning the same old yarn' my grandmother spun for
fear of having a mouthful of wool. 
I will say my
 Real-Honest to Goodness Spinning Wheel was meant to
'Be My Valentine'.


peppylady (Dora) said...

I recall doing valentine cards

Joanne said...

spin a tale or gold.


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