QUILTMAKER Mag and DIANE Made My Day!!!

Last night I told HiHoney...husband...that my CollectInTexas' BlogShop had 'Gone Quilt Virus'!!!

"I think you mean Gone VIRAL", said the one of us who still licks stamps and has the teeny tiny first ever flip phone.

Yeah, that!!! said the one of us who really knows that when you get over 200 hits on a post with only 1 comment in less than six hours that some sort of contagious thingy is the cause.  After checking and rechecking my 'Stats', I finally came to the conclusion that the Blogger Techies had finally had enough of my messing with their html and hacking around on my blog to suit myself.  Really, Sue, like they have time to keep up with your one in a kabillion blog.

Maybe the answer is in 'The Comment' on Finally, Some Time To SEW...Hi, this is Diane Harris, Interactive Editor for Quiltmaker. Thanks so much for the shout-out on your blog today. It's great to see that people are using the Big Block Baby quilt patterns from Quiltmaker. We think they are perfect for quick baby and charity quilts, and they're attractive too. Yours looks terrific! Thanks again~
Kind Regards,
Diane Harris

The 'Shout Out' was a quick post and picture I posted on QUILTMAKER's Facebook page about the quilt I was making from their Big Block Baby Quilt Pattern. 

I read through the comment several times in total surprise and AWE that this very busy Editor would take the time to notice my post on Facebook, much less follow the link to my Blog. 

Still, that was just one tick on the Stats...where did the rest come from?  My answer was on QUILTMAKER's Facebook Page. 

Oh My Stitchin' Stars!!!

Diane had re-posted the Pic...Shouted Out about my Big Block Baby Quilt and posted links to Finally, Some Time To Sew and Hey Diddle Diddle I Don't Fiddle Around.  And there were over 200 Thumbs Up Likes and half a dozen comments.  Wow and Wow!!!  
I have never been so happy to be the recipient of something contagious. 
Yep, I had 'Gone Quilt Virus Viral'. 
Thank-you QUILTMAKER, Diane, and all of the Quilters who took the time to visit.
Ya'll Made My Day!!!
I finished the Buggy Cuteness Quilt last night.  Here's the finished Big Block Baby.
QUILTMAKER on Facebook...Like It...I Do!!!


  1. Hey, it's Diane again. You sound like a warm and wonderful person. I'm so glad we could meet over such happy common ground. Isn't quilting--and the folks who come with it--the best?! As far as me being a busy editor, yes I'm busy, but no more so than any other woman who juggles family and work and many other things. I'm just a quilter who is lucky enough to have a wonderful job in the industry. So nice to meet you. Best to you always!

  2. I love the fabrics you are using!!

  3. Happy quilting. This is something I have longed to do, but I simply have not the time to learn. Maybe in the future, but I love quilts and I have many!
    ♥ Jil

  4. Kudos to you Sue, no one deserves it more. Loving what you are doing and your work is just spectacular.

  5. I am sooo in love with the fabrics you used in this quilt...one of these days, I am going to make another.

  6. Sue, you ARE so warm. It's fitting that you are a quilt maker!

  7. I too love the fabrics you use! I'm happy to have found your blog while hopping around. How exciting to get all the comments and hits, I can only imagine! My country life keeps me busy and attempting creative endeavors constantly, please stop by our blog between stitches. I'll be sharing your site with my mom and sister who sew and stitch at a more constant style. I'm off to visit your shop now...have a great evening!

  8. And you deserve your "viralosity", good to "see ya" Sue.

    Popped by from Pink Saturday.


  9. I saw her comment yesterday on the blog (I don't FB). Congrats!


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