1987 Household Hints Almanac From Mom's Kitchen Table

Twenty-six years ago this 1987 Almanac was sitting on Mom's kitchen table.  I imagine the only time it moved from the table was for meal time, and then it most likely was set over to the side and stacked on top of the once weekly papers that accumulated...just in case she or Dad would want to read them again in the coming months.  See where this is going?

It is going here....Mother was a Keeper!  She kept things like this Almanac because she valued it for it's content without a thought to it's collectability.  I know this how? 

Mom was an Iowa Farm Girl raised in the 1930's when saving time, worrying, work and money were on the top of every households list of making it through the day, week, month and year.  Throughout her life she adhered to, valued, and passed on her Almanac Philosophies, not through a lot of talk, but through 'Spatter Free Bacon' and 'Homemade Biscuits'.  More about that in a minute along with how I know my Dad made use of this Almanac, too.

How comforting it is to reminisce about my parents kitchen table.  It is easy to picture Mother sitting there with her cup of  Golden Coffee...my grandmothers term for coffee with cream.  Like my Mother and Grandmother Minnie, my coffee is Golden and the 'Super Sewing Solutions' is an Almanac favorite.

 Mending KNITS...lol....keep in mind this is the 80's when Polyester Knit was Queen for the Decade and a seamstress' dream material.  Yep, cut it out, sew it up, wear it and wash it...guess that's when 'Wash and Wear' became a Household name.  But you know, I never knew that a bristle brush was an essential notion to have in your sewing box....until now!  I will put one in my Sewing Box....you never know when 'Polyester Double Knit' will come back in style....yikes!

I will share some more of this Almanac's Sewing Hints with you another time.  For now, I want to tell you about my Mother's famous...among her children, anyway...homemade biscuits.  If you measured the success of biscuits by fluffy, Pillsbury Grands, melt in your mouth standards, my Mother's biscuits were a miserable failure.  Have you ever tried to fail at making biscuits?  I have, and I tell you it is not easy.

If you ran out of clay pigeons at a Shoot Off, mother's biscuits would be a good substitute.  They would make a perfect 'Pitchin' Puck' at the Carnivals 'Break the Plate' booth, and as for a 'Puck', well, you get the picture.

But....let me tell you, those rollin' pin and wax paper, flour dusted glass cut outs, bacon drippin' greased, burnt bottom, gravy covered biscuits made the best breakfast I have ever, ever eaten...to this day!  My siblings will tell you the same thing.

My Dad was a Doodler!  He doodled on whatever was handy while sitting at the kitchen table drinking his TwoTeaspoon Sugared coffee.   The Household Hints Almanac must have been handy on the morning he was subtracting 100 whatevers from 54362 whatevers.  I love it that there are no decimals, commas, or dollar signs to indicate what the numbers stood for.

And that is how I know my Dad was a Household Hints Almanac kinda guy!   Thank-you Mother for being a Keeper and a Puck Perfect Biscuit maker.  We would not have had them any other way.

What was a good Hint 26 years ago, is still a good Hint today.
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  1. Oh Sue I loved your story. I loved being at my mom's kitchen table too. Warmed my heart today!
    Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami

  2. Oh dear what a wonderful story! My Moms kitchen is still the place to be. Grace xoox

  3. Great story, your mom's biscuits sound similar only my mother made homemade Bisquick biscuits! Love the tip. Honestly, can you imagine going to all that trouble these days? I know I would never find the spool when I needed to make a repair even if I remembered I had it, which is doubtful! So happy you came over to look at my old buttons. It's nice to know some are somewhat worthy!

  4. sweet story
    Hoping this week-end finds you filled with peace...alot of joy..and some coziness..

  5. I enjoyed reading your post! I married my self an IOWA farm boy...whose mother was born and raise on an Iowa farm. My kids LOVE hearing stories about the simpler days! Happy weekend...I'm making homemade biscuits tomorrow! Stopping by from PInk Saturday.

  6. Yes, I too remember when Momma discovered polyester fabric -- no more finishing the edges of seams to prevent fraying. HA. "Golden Coffee" -- my new favorite term.


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