The Cotton Shirts Off Her Back...

...headed for Her Lap or Wall.
"I'd give the shirt off my back to someone in need."
You've heard that expression and probably said it yourself.  It's the kind of thing quilters, sewers, and generous, kind hearted folks say and do.  It's what my Mother told me to do with some of her clothes she no longer wears....donate them to someone in need. 
Mother has always gone for comfort and there is nothing more comfortable than cotton.  Here in Texas we wear it year round, so there were short sleeve and long sleeve cotton shirts to choose from.

That's right...To Choose from for a Lap Quilt/Wall Hanging.  I choose some of Her favorites...ones that she has worn for many years. 

Shirts with long tails for a tall lady.  Shirts made from chambray's, light denims, plaids, 70's and 80's prints and predominately blue...like her eyes.

   I mentioned not too long ago HERE that 'Waste Not Want Not' was in my DNA.
I got that from Mother...I'm sure she will know that every bit of her Favorite Shirts went into this quilt.  From the Back of the Shirts to the Back of the Quilt...the piece on the left.  From the Front of the Shirts to the Front of the Quilt....the piece on the right. 
Don't you love the Shirt Tails pieced in the bottom of the Lap Quilt?
They'll still be covering that Tall Lady....as soon as I get it quilted....that's where I'm headed right now! 
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Just so you know I always did and still do mind my Mother, the Non-Cotton Clothes are separated for donating.  My Waste Not Want Not DNA took control of the Cottons.  There will be more quilts to make for Mother's other DNA'ers...they don't sew, but have loud DNA voices!!!
I must remember to Thank Her for my 'CottonDNA'.  Hmmmm...I always wondered why I prefered Bollweevils over Silkworms!


  1. Your mom gave you many gifts, Sue, and one of them was to treasure what others would not "see." Your quilting is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. Love this idea, applauding you and your mother!

  3. So clever--what a wonderful way to re-purpose shirts.

  4. Anonymous10/28/2013

    Wonderfully creative work and great post and photos for HBM ~ thanks, carol ^_^

  5. What a great idea!

    I hope you're having a nice Monday. ☺

  6. Very creative and pretty! Have a great week and Happy Monday :)

  7. You are very blessed to have your mother give so many things and ideas. So nice that you continue to carry them out.

  8. Hi Sue, I loved the story about your mom. My mom never wasted anything and she would use any fabric for making quilts, doll clothes and pillows. Also, fancy pillows with lace as well. The quilts you shared are so much fun and clever. Your posts are always a delight.

    Wishing you happy days,
    xo, Jeanne

  9. looks so sweet and soft from a mothers love.

  10. You're Mum is a special person by the sound of it...and you are too ;D
    What a caring kind thing to do and so beautifully too.
    Fabulous quilts that anyone would treasure.
    Happy Belated Blue Monday to you and your Mum :D

  11. Sue you are a beautiful talent and so blessed to have your wonderful mother with you! If I had your talent I would have a new quilt every month! LOL! I know my middle daughter Rebekah wants to learn how to quilt. Both my late Auntie Ang and my late mother-in-law were quilters. My aunt once made a quilt out of polyester fabrics from her clothes that were too big for her! I wish I had that quilt. I would treasure it. I have seen quilts made from old t shirts. Lots of creative ideas there but I do love cotton fabric the best. Cool and comfortable. Love you share. Hugs Anne

  12. cute! It's fun seeing all the 'parts' of the shirts.


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