It's SEW Monday...

...and I have Sewing/Piecing to Show from Saturday and Sunday's Stitchin'.
On my 'Sewing Studio Design Wall'....the backing for...
This scrapped out and pieced from blocks, embroidered Redwork, and fabrics intended for TWO other projects is finished.  I posted about how it messed with my mind last month on Mind Messin' Scarecrow Stitchin'.   I've been a pieced back maker for years, as 'Waste Not Want Not' is in my DNA.  I see pieced backings these days in the 'Modern Quilt World'.  Who knew...I was a 'ModQuilter' before Mod was cool!  There's a Country Song in there somewhere!
I have always thought of myself as a 'Traditionalist' with a Twist...probably that should be Twisted...yeah...Twisted Traditionalist! 

Speaking of Traditionalist, have you heard of Sharon Newman?   I imagine you have, especially if you are student of quilt history, quilt fabrics, quilt appraising, and quilt shops.  Sharon Newman was a pioneer in all of those quilt areas, as well as a lecturer and quilt guild workshop instructor. 

That's where I met her....at a Quilt Guild meeting where she presented a program and Trunk Show which included her 1930's Reproduction Prints.  I have a nice collection of those which I carried in my own Quilt Shop until it closed in 2005. 
It was a surprise to find her name in the scraps used for piecing this quilt as I had always associated her designs with the 1930's Reproductions.  Didn't this large scale print of hers work in beautifully?  I will definitely add this fat quarter left from a whole bolt to my Sharon Newman collection.  Sadly, she passed away in 2005, and many of her fabric designs are now out of production.
Also over the weekend, I finished posting fabrics in
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Thanks for visiting on SEW Monday....What did you SEW on Saturday and Sunday?
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  1. Hi Sue, over from Grandma's Briefs and made a stop and forget where that was but found your link there. My husband and I are expecting our first 2 great grands the first of next year. Crocheting Christening Shawls, caps and booties now but may need to look into some of your beautiful fabrics later. I know how to quilt but do not do much of it. May start selling the Heirloom Christening Shawls soon. Do you think there is a market?

  2. Pieced backs are a great way to use up those odds and ends. Your Scare Crow stitching is fun!

  3. I can't throw away any usable piece of fabric (and all sized are usable!). I too have pieces my backs. Your quilt top is beautiful. Would never know it started out to be something else.

  4. Enjoyed looking at your blog and reading about Sharon Newman. Didn't know she had such pretty collections either. You are not along in your DNA description. I must be your sister in that I have been piecing my backings for quite a long time. I do not throw anything out -- am a selvage quilter too! Stop by and see what I've been up to.

  5. So many pretty prints, Sue!
    Oh, I love fabric!


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