Mind Messin' Scarecrow Stitchin'

Digging through the 'Embroidery Drawer' turned up some pretty scary stuff in the sense that most of these machine stitched Redwork Blocks have been there for at least eight years....scary what one forgets.

Here I am with THREE blocks...what was I thinking to make with just THREE blocks.  Another scary mind issue with loss of memory tossed in for good measure.

What to do?  Go digging in the UFO Drawer!!!

What luck, good planning, and foresightedness...'Mind/Memory' Redeemed.  Here's a bag of half-square triangles, log cabin pieced half square blocks and plenty of yardage for borders and backing.




  1. He's so cute! Eight years is nothing! I have projects older than our children. Yikes!

  2. Ha! Ha!

    The UFO's I have hidden


  3. I have some Rubbermaid boxes in the attic that are full of UFOs - I daren't peek inside them!
    I love the rooster square you posted on your last post - love red work!

  4. Finding UFO's are the reason I got so much done last month.

  5. Hi Sue! Have had you on my mind and I am finally getting over here. We are having wicked rain in Colorado and it is very scary because the number of people missing is growing larger each day! Not much of a September with any color just lots of rain and rain rain.
    Hope all is well in your end of the world! Hugs Anne


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