Some Stitchin' To 'Crow' About

Way back in January, I set goals for 2013...not resolutions, but two goals...'Use It or Lose It' and 'Finish It or Forget It'. 

I even went so far as to join a like minded group 'The 2013 Finish Along with LeAnn'.  Yes, I was sure I could do a whole year of Finishes with all the WIP's, Scrap Starts, UFO's and Project Baskets I've had stacked, stored and stuffed around my Sewing Studio.  So I signed up for the first quarter...January thru April. 

Let me tell you, I was OnFire and Awesome for.....the month of January!  You can check out January's Archives HERE .

Then, I guess my Fire Went Out or I Got Sidetracked or Both!
Here I am nine months later digging around in the UFO Embroidery Drawer.
Do you have one of those? 
Mine is not exactly overflowing, but it has enough sample blocks that if I 'Set My Pants OnFire'
I could spend the rest of September, October and November in a Hot Seat!
Today I have reason to 'Crow' a bit as three embroidered Rooster Blocks are now pieced into a
Fall Table Runner!
I will Crow even louder when I get it quilted....so listen for that Cock-a-doodle-do in a day or two!
Thimble Thumbs Up for me!!
Look what I found at the Thrift Store!


  1. Anxious to see the finished table runner. I did change out a few of my display quilts yesterday from summer to fall. It even felt like fall this morning with rain. However, summer will return to the desert quickly.

    Good luck with your use it or loose it. I wish I could make more progress at that!

  2. I should set a goal like you, I hate to say how many years I have not finished something..uugg.

  3. Redwork! Lovely. By all means, finish it.

  4. Oh I love your thimble! Your rooster looks cute.I just used most of my 'corn' fabric, but, mine is just yellow corn, not Indian corn fabric. Cute!

  5. A very nice collection! I know of a few people who collect thimbles and oh my goodness this is very cool!


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