Augusts 'Lovely Tokens' for Autum Cheer

by Helen Hunt Jackson
"By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
With summer's best of weather
And autumn's best of cheer."
Look at the 'Lovely Tokens' our pomegranate tree has produced this summer.  I've been watching them for weeks now, and thinking how perfect they would be for a Fall Wreath.  I've noticed the birds have been watching them as well.
So with today being the first day of September and the opening of 'Dove Season', it seemed the perfect time to clip a few branches that were bending low from the weight of the red-orange fruit.  It is a fruit, ya know, and the Dove are nowhere to be seen today, so it is all mine.
Texas Mother Nature still thinks it's summer and I guess she's right since it is not officially FALL until around September 21st, but I'm ready for fall and I've been waiting not so patiently to get out the fall flowers and grapevine wreath/basket.  Most of my fall decorating stuff has seen better Falls, but it is going to have to make one more September, October and part of November....that's when I'll be ready to drag out the Poinsettias. 

TaDa....Not too bad for 'Old Fall Foliage' and 'Texas Drought Pomegranates'.
Welcome September!


  1. Just beautiful Sue.

    I'd love to have a large basket of them for my Christmas decorating. Wouldn't they just look gorgeous on the tree?

    I hope you had a nice summer and that you have a Happy September too!

  2. Good Morning Sue, How wonderful that you grow pomegranates.... they are a fruit which I love. I remember, as a child, having my mother cut them in half and I used to eat the fruit with a pin.... not something I would advocate now, but it worked just fine back then.
    I love your basket hanging on your wall, it is full of Autumnal colours.
    We can feel the change in the morning temperature, here in England.... Autumn is just around the corner.
    Best Wishes

  3. You grow pomagranates?! Cool!

    Happy Labor Day!

  4. Not bad at all, Sue . . . came out beautiful welcoming Sept. just fine!

    You did good!

  5. That wreath would look lovely on my door. Hey, my oldest son will get to visit San Angelo next week. He's excited!

  6. That is a pretty wreath! I can't even imagine growing pomegranates!


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