Vintage Collector On Last Nerve

Now is the time for this Collector of Vintage Stuff to come to grips with...
Use It or Lose It!
I have reached the point where ALLLLLL this STUFF collected over ALLLLL these YEARS
 is beginning to get on my LAST NERVE.
It isn't that I don't still love it as much as ever...I do. As a person who 'Must Find A Use' for every scrap, for every inch of lace, rick rack, bias tape and so on, I have reached my limit...my breaking point...my last nerve.

So, I decided to SEW for awhile and put Scrapbooking and Genealogy Research and Writing on the backburner  for awhile.   Whew, that was tough, but I do feel better!!!

How fun it was to dig through the piles of lace to find just the right pieces to decorate this Zipper Pouch.  What a great feeling to use this 'Vintage Star Block' and 30's scraps salvaged from old quilt tops.  And how satisfying to know that these saved vintage buttons and these hand pieced  blocks made by someone so long ago now have a new and useful life.  I'm so glad my 'Last Nerve' is flexible!

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  1. I love your zippered bag, so pretty. I'll be so glad when I retire and sew to my hearts content!

  2. If I knew how, I would prefer what you are doing over scrape booking.

  3. Your zipper bag is lovely. Isn't it fun to use up all those treasures! I recently parted with some of my treasures in an effort to reclaim my studio. Now I can enjoy my studio again. Just completed a project this morning before rushing off to pick up granddaughters after school.

    Nice to see you sewing again.

  4. Cute Sue - you make it sound so easy. Love it!

  5. What a cute bag. Glad your stitching again. Hope you get more rain soon.

  6. Lovin' those cute quilt zipper bags! I am your newest follower...another Southern gal (livin' in Alabama)...My castle doors are always open for browsing over at the "royal blog"...come on over. Tiff

  7. yes,we get ourselves going in too many directions! I find that there are times I get sucked into my genealogy and can not get away.

  8. Oh, I so understand. Though I fear I'm not as good as you are about using everything you have!


  9. These are so lovely Sue! And you can find a ton of uses for them. So glad you but the odds and ends together for a useful purpose once again. Hugs~Ames


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