August Ancestor Anecdote Challenge

Is August a slow blogging month for you? In the past, it has been for me. As I look back through the Archives, it seems every year  I've Axed August on the Stats list. 

Not happenin' this August! 

August Ancestor Anecdote Challenge is my way of giving Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors the proverbial 'Shot In the August Arm' and get back on track.  Yep, I've fallen off the Georgia wagon a bit this past month of July, and a challenge is what I need to get back on the Buckboard. 

I haven't finished writing about the 'Second Generation' Georgia Ancestors yet over on Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors Genealogy Blog.   I still lack 3xGreat Aunt Lucy, her brother's Hiram and Joseph and her father, my 3x's Great Grandfather Ichabod.  Their stories are in the works and need to be told in line with the rest of the Second Generation as per 'blogging order format'.

Which brings me to Augusts' Challenge here on CollectInTexas Gal.

This month seems the perfect time to share with you some of the stories I've found about my Georgia Cousins, the offspring of the Second Generation Aunts and Uncles which make them my First Cousins 4xRemoved, and their children...Second Cousins 3xRemoved.

During the later part of the 1800's, the US Census records enumerated more information on individual family members vital statistics.  This along with wider circulation and reporting by newspapers, courthouse records and historical event documentation being digitized and made available online, has given Family Genealogist, like me, a wealth of information in the telling of our Family Histories.

Do you know who your First Cousins 4X Removed were?
I'll share mine with you and some of the ways I found out about their lives.
Follow along with this months 'August Ancestor Anecdote Challenge'.
and watch
It is inspiring and always gives me clues and tips for researching my Family Tree.
Watch for the Georgia Cousin Tag for my August Ancestor Anecdotes.


  1. Why yes I do and just spent the reunion with them 2 weeks ago! It is amazing how close we all are even though we share a 3/4 Great Grandparent.
    Genealogy gives me such pleasure in life.

  2. I find that I take "spells" working on Genealogy. Haven't looked at my paperwork in a few years. Maybe soon.

    I find it very interesting to read your accounts of family history. Have fun with your 4th cousins removed story telling.

  3. Hi Sue .. my grandparents' generations were huge - so there are lots and lots of us on my father's side .. and my mother's side is interesting too - but that grandfather died in 1922 ... so I hope in due time I can find out more .. I managed to get some for my mother's memorial ...

    Cheers Hilary

  4. My hubby has his phamily history on his dad's side. I don't have a lot to go on with my phamily. Some dates from the cemetery. Yesterday was the birthday of my maternal grandfather who died when my mother was 13. He and her older brother Tony (17) were killed in a mining accident in Victor, CO. in February 1927!
    I really love all this research you have done to come this far!

  5. Lagging behind -- that's ME! I'm also lagging behind in my reading, not just writing. I'm scurrying to catch up. Looking forward to your August challenge.


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