Famous Last Words....

...I've Axed August in the past...Not Happenin' This August!!!

I know better than to make rash statements like I did back on August 1st on the post August Ancestor Anecdote Challenge where I boldly spouted off that THIS August was going to be different than the Augusts of years past.  Every time I do that, I always have to eat my words, or in this instance postpone my Georgia Ancestor Cousin Challenge.

It's not that it matters to them.  They have rested in peace for decades, and most likely would just as soon not have a 'Nosey 4th Cousin' from Texas diggin' around in their past.

 But, it's my JOB as a Family Genealogist and Historian.  Besides, their stories...once I've embellished a bit have turned out to be pretty interesting, and I will get back to them soon.

August, as it turns out, has had a different Family Challenge for me with much closer kin than 'Cousins 4xRemoved'.   Can't get much closer kin than one's Mama, ya know!  So off to far West Texas I've been...where the sun rises and sets over the mesas and gifts us with the creators most majestic and stunning displays of days beginnings and endings.

 Everything in life has a beautiful ending...
If it is not beautiful then believe it is not the end...
It is just the beginning of something more beautiful.


Ann said...

Hope you had oodles of fun with Mama!! That sunset is glorious. Looking forward to more ancestry posts.


Pom Pom said...

Miss you, Sue! I hope your mama is okay!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Hope all is well.


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