Making Up For Lost August...

...with 'Wild West Welded Wonders', Artful August Acquisitions and Muleish Musings!

Let's begin with this Artful August Acquisition as it embodies all three 'August Alliteration' titles...I so wanted to throw in the other 'A' word for Mule, but somehow I just couldn't refer to a smiling mule as an ass. 

Now you may think I'm stretching it a bit calling this 'Artful', but here in Texas we take 'Welded Wonders' like this 'Smiling Jackass' as 'Serious Sculptured' Art. 

Especially when it is displayed, tagged and declared as such right over the 'Kiowa Art Gallery' arched doorway as ART....sorta!

"LIFE is an art...not a science"
Have you heard that before?  Who said that...or something like that?  I was pretty sure it was not a Kiowa or the 'Welder Ass Artist'.  As it turns out it wasn't even a Texan who spoke that bit of  Life Philosophy.  It was Victorian Era British author Samuel Butler.  Do you reckon he is spinning in his proverbial grave over his famous quote used to promote Wild West Welded Wonders and the like? 
From what I have read and was required to study 'Back In The Day', there's not much that would set Samuel to Spinning.  I'll leave it at that, and if you want to explore Ol' Sam's philosophy of life, you know where to google.  Which in a round about way brings me to the last of my August Alliterations...Muleish Musings.
I say Muleish only as a way of expressing my stubbornness...for truly, there comes a time in Life when Science has it's say, and stubbornness and denial must turn to spiritual acceptance in the knowledge that a new and beautiful beginning is near.

Forgive me for what surely must seem a bit vague and unrelated to the August Alliterations of this post.  Just know that I am Well, Muleish as ever and Cherishing these last days of August.

"Life is not an exact science...it is an art."  Samuel Butler

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