From Flour/Feed Sacks To Quilt Treasure

How I Save and Use Vintage Flour/Feed Sacks....
Believe it or not, this 1930's quilt was headed for a RagBag to be used in a machine shop.  It's true, the star blocks were part of a hand pieced top with ripped and stained sashing.  The cotton batting was falling out and the backing and binding were shredded from being tucked under coiled springs.
How did it get from a Rag to a Quilted Treasure? 
I saved and repaired eight star blocks....enough for two small quilts.  Carefully removed the useable backing which were squares of different flour/feed sacks that had been tied not hand quilted.  Cut the backing pieces into strips for sashing around the blocks. Added a border from my stash of flour/feed sacks and used the same original 1930's print for the backing.  I hand quilted one and longarm machine quilted the other.  They are now part of my Vintage Quilt Collection.
You, too can create a Flour/Feed Sack Quilted Treasure!
I'm happy to share some of my Vintage Fabrics with you....here are the Flour/Feed Sacks in my ETSY Shop.
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  1. Everything you make is AMAZING, Sue! Great idea to open a blog shop! (LOVE!)

  2. Thanks PomPom....I'll have some KNITTING Stuff Soon!!! It's getting close to 'Stay Calm and KnitOn' Time. I bet it is already cool enough in Colorado to break out the yarn stash and needles. I'll look forward to seeing what you knit this year.

  3. I'm so glad you let me know about your shop.

    This lucky leprechaun just made a purchase.

    Thanks Sue, it's perfect :)

  4. Hey Jen....I just got the notice and I thought to myself that name sounds soooo familiar. It's YOU!!! Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy the quilt, you Lucky Leprechaun!!!

  5. I love quilts. I have always wanted to make one. I did not know that feed sacks were cloth like that.
    I know they are a lot of work and expensive! You have a nice shop.

  6. Amazing you were able to make 2 quilts from one destined for the rag bag. beauty from rags...lovely!

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet words!! I try NOT to cook in my Kitchen!! LOL!


  8. I wish I could have seen the before. I think you've done an amazing repair.I love it. The colours are gorgeous,what a treasure. x

  9. Rags for a machine shop! NOOOOOO!!! I'm glad you rescued them -- they are so pretty.

  10. Congrats on your shop!!! Also, fantastic job on the recovery of a treasure!
    Tina @ Life is Good


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