Finally, Some Time To SEW

What's with this 'No Time To Sew' lately?
Well, I'll tell ya how it has been with me for a couple of months....yes, it has been months since I clamped on the quarter inch foot and pieced a quilt. It's been one Re-something or another after another.  First there was a shoulder thingy that needed Re-adjusting and Re-covery time, then there was Re-turn trips to visit Mama.  Next I decided to Re-vamp CollectInTexas Gal to include one more 'Collection', and without a doubt the most 'No Time To Sew' came with the Re-Opening of A Quilt Store and More ETSY Shop.
Re-Opening with Nana's Blankee's was a good move, or so I thought.  Turns out, I need more Blankee's, and with Re-establishing and Re-stocking the Bags, Fabrics and Quilt Sections there's been 'No Time To Sew'. 
You might Re-member the post Hey Diddle Diddle from back in February when I was making Baby Blankee's from Quiltmaker's  Big Baby Block Series that started with the January-February 2013 issue. 
Such easy patterns and so quick to piece together.  So, when I had a special order for a 'Girly Nana's Blankee', this pattern popped into my head. 
I didn't fiddle around this time either, and quickly put together these fabrics, sharpened up the Rotary Cuff Cutter...oops...shoulder thingy...and snapped on the quarter inch foot. 
Funny thing about these Fabrics...they were next in line for the next Fabric Section on the ETSY Shop called 'Youth Novelty Fabrics'.  No worries if you like it and want to make a Blankee with these fabrics and this pattern...there's plenty more which will be listed soon.  I say soon, but not until I've finished this one and pieced one more for NANA'S BLANKEES.
Here's Hey Diddle Diddle....click HERE to view details on A Quilt Store and More ETSY Shop.
Okay, I now have Some Time To Sew...finally!
I'll have 'Show and Tell' when 'Buggy Cuteness' is finished...watch for it!!!


  1. Hi, this is Diane Harris, Interactive Editor for Quiltmaker. Thanks so much for the shout-out on your blog today. It's great to see that people are using the Big Block Baby quilt patterns from Quiltmaker. We think they are perfect for quick baby and charity quilts, and they're attractive too. Yours looks terrific! Thanks again~
    Kind Regards,
    Diane Harris

  2. Thank-you Diane for visiting and for the kind words. And to all who have visited from Diane's post on Facebook with the links to this post and the Hey Diddle Post....thank you all for stopping by. I'm so excited to have you visit.


  3. Glad you are getting some sewing done.

  4. Great baby block quilt. Every time i see them in the magazine, I put them on my to-sew list...


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