Design Wall Monday...60 Degree Corpus Collusm Pain

There's been some 60 degree weather issues here in Texas with Texas Mother Nature giving up the summer temps for cooler Fall weather in the high to mid sixty's.  While inside, my 'Design Wall' has had a weekend of 'On and Off the Wall' array of 60 degree triangles.

The strips were pieced months ago and have been hanging around while I decided how to either use them in a strip quilt or slice and dice them up for a Thoroughly Modern Mess.  As you can see,  I went for the 'Slice and Dicey' option.

Scrap Stripping for me has to have at least one common color denominator.  It has to do with my 'Quilt Comfort Zone' between being a 'Traditionalist' and a 'Wannabe Modern Abstractionist'.  For me it's a challenge to balance the two to suit my 'Right/Left Brainy-arexia'.

At any rate, the common color denominator was strips of dark teal blue which were sandwiched in between every third or fourth scrap strip.  Had to work on that fourth strip option...left brain analytical rule of 'Three's'...what a 'Corpus Collusm' pain in the brain!

After several days of flipping, flopping, adding, subtracting, matching, mis-matching, stitching and un-stitching....this is what 'Split Brainiac Sue' settled on....
....The SixtyDegree Corpus Collusm Project!
It's going to hang there while I recover from NeuroverTaxation and am able to analytically (left brain) or creatively (right brain) decide to add traditional borders or to break out the Tylenol and set the left over strip to the bottom.  Then I'll have to deal with stripped triangles up...points down...or flipped over...or offset on the left side...which makes my left brain needing a dose of Pepto and my right brain getting off on the Pepto being PINK.
Maybe by the next 'Design Wall Monday' I'll have made a decision.
In the meantime, I'm linking to Judy's Patchwork Place


  1. Hey Sue, We could really use a quilter like you in our comfort quilting group at church. We have scraps that look just like this but no one in the group is creative enough to do what you have done here. I love 60 degree angle stuff and of course the 30 degree angle.Maybe it is time I do something like this with our group scraps. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous10/21/2013

    It's very interesting. I'm originally from West Texas, and I see East Texas speaks a different language. =) Whatever brain you were using, it worked out just fine.

  3. I think my brain must work a bit like yours ... I make rules for myself even in completely liberated scrappy quilt projects. I love the results of yours. I also frequently leave something up on the wall when I'm unsure ... I think my sub-conscience goes to to work on the answer while I work on other things.

  4. Anonymous10/21/2013

    Hi Sue. Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving a comment. Your design wall would drive me crazy.....way too many choices to make! LOL!! Good luck with the left or the right side on getting it done!

  5. Anonymous10/22/2013

    I've been thinking about slice and dice...you are helping me consider it a bit more seriously. Like you, I like both traditional and modern quilting...and mixing them up.

  6. Enjoyed reading your post. In the end you cam up with something marvelous and wonderful! I know what you mean being a traditionalist moving toward Modern has been a bit of a challenge. Breaking all the rulles! LOL I have some St. Louis 16 Patch that I have been pondering whether to slice and dice. I saw some disappearing ones but got stuck with the idea that points would be cut-off. Still a traditionalist at heart.

  7. "which makes my left brain needing a dose of Pepto and my right brain getting off on the Pepto being PINK"

    Okay--that line got me--I've chuckled all day. It is a perfect description.

    (most days I'm a left brain with occasional spasms to the right)

  8. Even before I got to the sentence, I was pulling for "slice and dice." I have quilted before but don't still quilt. However, I LOVE LOVE LOVE quilts and love to see the process. And I love to see contemporary takes on traditional design. In fact, I saw a magazine cover just yesterday that showed a quilt that probably was a log cabin but instead of even "logs," they went from narrow to wide.


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