Braggin' It Up and Backin' It Up

Here's to a bit of patting myself on the back...
"It ain't bragging if you can back it up".
I am pretty sure that the guy who said that was not talking about a 'Quilt Backing', but I am! 
In the 'Quilt World', and in my way of thinking, one is NOT FINISHED with a quilt until it is backed, quilted, bound and labeled.  In other words...the fat lady has belted out the last note of La Boheme...or on my 'Sewing Studio Stage' it gets' a fanfare of 'TaDa'.
You know I'm bragging through my teeth...right?
My only excuse for 'bragging through my teeth' is this...."I LOVE to Piece".  Back, Quilt, Bind, Label....NOT So Much!  That is why I have more of THESE....
....than THESE....
TaDa Nana's Blankies in A Quilt Store and More ETSY Shop.
Then these...Quilt Tops Pieced on ETSY Shop...are for you!!!
Then these...Finished Nana's Blankies on ETSY Shop...are for you!!!
Then these...Children and Baby Fabrics on ETSY Shop...are for you!!!
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Thistle Cove Farm said...

With work this beautiful, you've a right to pat yourself on the back...very well done.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - Thanks for visiting my new shop from Beverly's BlogShop! It's a whole new world for me - but I am so happy to get back to some of my art and writing after teaching and performing many years. I like the quiet days working diligently. Looks like you do a lot of working diligently, too, to amass such a selection of goods. Best to you as you seek inspiration in your next beautiful something!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I can't reply directly to you because there isn't a link with Google+ and I don't want to join it.

Yes, I have a lot of strips, and hopefully enough for 24 blocks but I will cut into stash too if I have to.

Not really snow here yet, just a hard freeze maybe this weekend.

Beverly said...

Sue, I brag about you, too. And, remember I am at least one zillion stitches behind you.

Thank you for linking with Blog Shop.


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