Calling All Quilters...Here's YOUR Kinda FABRICS!!!

Introducing CollectInTexas BlogShop's Quilting/Sewing Motif Fabrics
I have been 'Under The Influence of Fabric' for much of my life.
Never so much as when I owned a Quilt Shop. 
 It was a fantastic way to be totally immersed in the 'Sewing and Quilting World' and to share with other Quilt and Fabric Lovers an aspect of creativity and friendship found in that realm of amazing people. Another of my Favorite Fabrics besides Vintage 1930's and 1930's Reproductions, are Sewing and Quilting Motif-Themed Fabrics.   As with the Vintage Fabrics, the time has come to De-Stash the Sewing Themed Stash.
So, here they are...
the now out of production, hard to find, 100% cotton, QSQ (quilt shop quality), hoarded, and petted fabrics that will surely put YOU Under The Influence of Fabric, too!
In the quilt fabric world Hoffman is known as a top quality designer, manufacturer and producer of Quilting and Sewing Fabrics. 
Here's a small wall quilt I made with Needles and Pins fabric. 
It's for sale in A Quilt Store and More HERE.
Click on ETSY Link for the Fabric
Quilters know that coordinating fabrics is key to a successful quilt. Here are a few Quilt/Sew Motif Focus Fabrics and their Coordinates now listed in A Quilt Store and More.  Click on ETSY Link to view each collection.

Thank-you for visiting CollectInTexas BlogShop and taking a look at A Quilt Store and More ETSY Shop. 
You can Browse all the Pages by clicking on the Home Tabs or at ETSY Shop Home Section where all the categories are listed with details on all the inventory.
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  1. Good luck with your new business Sue! Looking good!!~Ames

  2. Thank you for linking, Sue. I know some lucky buyers will be thrilled with this gorgeous fabrics.

    Oh, if only I could sew. hahaha

  3. I love these fabrics. They're so pretty! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. I got my new quilt in the mail today Sue.

    All my Irish cousins will be jealous.

    love love love...

  5. Oh these old fabrics are sweet ! :) Sue, I started a second blog a few months back called Frugal Little Bungalow. Once a month I do a post called "sunday special" that is general ...links to fun stuff and posts around the web. I will put a link in there to your new shop : )

  6. Love all your fabrics. Wish I had room for more but I'm trying to control myself and use instead of buy. Good luck with your Etsy shop. You have wonderful "stuff".


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