Week Ender Stitchin Post

Here it is the 'End of the Week' and I have ONE Stitched Item to show...
Believe it or Not...I didn't piece a single quilt block or quilt a single row on QuiltALottie (longarm) this week!
Because I've had a 'Pain In The Neck'...and Shoulder!
It's the price one pays for Sixty-something years of Sewing...but Hey...It's what I do!!!
You have seen these before...right? 
 If you are a 'Pain In the Neck Sewing Sufferer' you many already have one of these
for relief of 'SewCervicoArexia'.
I had one...actually two...one for bedtime and one for travel time...both disappeared while my SCA (SewCervicoArexia) was in remission.  This week, I went in search to purchase at least one at my LWM (Local WalMart) where years ago, I bought the first two.  Not even one to be found.  My next stop was to my PCM (Personal Computer Mart) and Amazon.com where I learned these pillows are medically approved and recommended by doctors, come in all colors, and cost a good deal more than a nights dose of Tylenol PM.  You know what my next thought was...right?
So I Did...with a pattern from Sew4home...I tell you Sewists and Quilters are ingenious and generous!
Choices for fabrics vary from cotton to fleece to whatever.  Since I'm on a 'Use It or Lose It' campaign, I used a 'Practice Piece' I had quilted on QuiltALottie years ago, and stuffed it with recycled pillow stuffing.  I have enough of both to make several more...which I will do as soon as I'm sufficiently recovered from this latest bout of SCA.
You will find this Relaxing Neck Pillow Pattern on my SideBar Patterns&More Link List.
Along with other patterns I have either MADE or PLAN to MAKE.
Here's a dollar saving tip...make the 'loop straps' out of matching or coordinating fabric....I SERGED a strip, cut it in two pieces 7 inches long...one for each end of pillow.  They really do help in adjusting the pillow while lying in bed or napping on the road.  At least I think they will help on the road...I'll be testing that out later today.  The pattern calls for gross grain ribbon for the loops.

So, there ya go....my Week Ender Stitchin' Post!  Even though I didn't Stitch much, I was busy loading up the 1930's Reproduction Page in the BlogShop and on A Quilt Store and More ETSY Shop.  You can see the 'Stack to be Photographed' behind the Pillow Loop. 
Wanna See More 1930's REPRO's?
~Here are the Links~
Have a great WeekEnd ... Relax your Neck...Make a Pillow!

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  1. Nice work! I hope you're feeling better soon. ☺

  2. Oh I could use a neck pillow about now. Though my chair at work does not go high enough to lean back on though haha. No rest for the wicked quilters.

  3. It does seem I'm always having a bout with my neck and shoulders when I overdo. I use LOTS of Icy Hot!!

  4. Thanks for the link. I could use a couple of those!

  5. I am sure your SCA will thank you., I know, I do. I'm going to make myself one of these and fill it with birdseed so I can heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds and have a duel purpose pillow/heating pad for my SCA. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Life Will Be Better

  6. My thoughts are similar to Dar's -- I thought for sure this was the kind that goes in the microwave. I think the addition of loops to help adjust the pillow is genius. You go!

  7. hope you are better soon !
    one nice thing about being married to a chiropractor :))

  8. I FEEL for you as I've had off and on neck troubles for most of my life. But in a recent bout of hand sewing it was my hand and wrist that were hurting and then the other hand kicked in too. Great! So I ended up wearing one of those carpal tunnel braces at night for awhile and then got a sort of support thing to wear...if I am quilting or anything and feel the slightest twinge now, on goes that brace or both right away! :)


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