Hey Diddle Diddle...I Don't Fiddle Around

No Siree, Bob...I don't Fiddle Around when it comes to 'QUILTMAKER' and making a decision on what this Quilt maker will Make! 
 A little background on my history with QUILTMAKER...I have a collection of QUILTMAKER Magazines from BackIn My QuiltShop Proprietoress Days.  I know that won't surprise you...knowing my history of being a collector of any and everything from Art to Zippers, but what might give you a bit of a shock is that after 10 Years or so of Selling and Collecting...I let my Subscription EXPIRE!
 I do have a reasonable explanation...I ran away with my 'Dishy HiHoney'!
Yep, we moved, my shop moved to a 'Home Studio, and the
Quiltmaker Renewal got lost in the PO's 'Not At This Address' File.
That was 5 1/2 years ago...doesn't that sound like a pre-schooler telling her age...but at my age those  halves
 have a way of being important in keeping track of retirement, pill taking, and mamograms...Yikes!
 So anyway, with 2013 being my 'UseIt or LoseIt' and 'GetErDone' Quilt/Sewing Year, I renewed my QUILTMAKER Subscription.  They were  glad to have me back and I've been expanding my 'Geekette Skills' with all QUILTMAKER offers on the www, like their BLOG...Quilty Pleasures.   As before 'BackInTheDay',  the MAG is chocked full of great projects like this (my 'Over The Moon' version) 'Big Block Baby Quilt' which will be a Feature included in each of 2013's magazines along with the other MAG Features I've decided to DO this year. 
Yes, I know, I'm living upto my OverDoSueness!
But Hey Diddle Diddle....I Don't Fiddle Around!


  1. I love how the bright red and yellow set of that fabric!

  2. Sue you always make me laugh. You know I love this quilt...sure wish another GRAND would make an entrance.

  3. that yellow makes it SNAP!

  4. Hi Sue!

    The primary colors look terrific and the Hey Diddle Diddle fabric is really sweet.

    I sent you a response yesterday but can't find that it went through...did you receive it?

    Please email me at trpeoples "at" comcast.net. Leslie

  5. Good Evening Sue, I smiled when I read the title of your post, Hey Diddle Diddle. It wasn't until I started reading that I realised it was the name of the fabric.
    Ooh 5 and a half years....you were strong to resist the subscription!
    Love the colours of your quilt.
    Best Wishes

  6. Odd...I emailed from my "regular" (not web-based) email and it wouldn't go through either. Oh well, I'll post my address here instead.

    Thank you for the terrific giveaway!

    Leslie Peoples
    2016 Old Oak Drive
    West Lafayette, IN 47906

  7. Love these colors! :)

  8. Where did the bee fabric come from? I was trying to find a link for it on your site but did not. I saw your post on Facebook.

    I collect everything beeeeze including fabric and am planning a quilt for myself using a sampler of blocks I love because I cannot decide on one specific block.

    Andi J.


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