Lost and Found...Wed WIP's

Look what I found rummaging around in my Ancestor Family Tree and my Stitched Stash Closet.  From my Georgia Ancestors...Eula Belle, and from my SS Closet....LeMoyne Bordered Star.
I couldn't help but put the two 'Pieces' together.  I'm sure you will agree that they compliment each other even though they are from oh so different eras.  They do have several things in common, however.
Both have been Lost and Found
Eula Belle is the mother-in-law of a Lost First Cousin 2x Removed from Georgia.  That's how her relationship is categorized in Ancestory Lingo, but I'll break it down to a more familiar family line.
Eula's daughter Bessie married Lost Cousin John who was the nephew of my Great Grandfather George who was the father of my Grandfather Chappo...making John and Chappo First Cousins.  Then Chappo's son...Willard...my father...and John First Cousins once removed and then me...First Cousin 2xRemoved.  That makes Eula absolutely NoBlood Relation at all, but a key 'Piece' in finding out....Who were John and Bessie, What happened to John and Where is Bessie!!!
Eula, Bessie and John's story has more 'Pieces' than this LeMoyne Star which was lost in 'The Stitched Stash' Closet, let's talk about it's significance in all this 'Hi-Drama' of Distant Cousins.  First, it was a UFO made for practicing 'Inset Piecing'...black background around star...second, it was practice in 'Kalediscope Piecing', and lastly, practice in mitered cornering a border print.  Once that was accomplished it was folded and filed and sent to the closet.  Really, Sue, practice may make perfect, but not finishing is....well, sad and probably an inherited characteristic!
John and Bessie's story was recently brought to my attention by Carolyn, a Georgia Cousin more times removed than I can figure out.  Carolyn has been digging around in our Howell Family Cemetery, figuratively speaking, and  found John's headstone which lead to the Who, What, and Where's.  Since John's last name was the same as mine...maiden...and he was a closer cousin to me than Carolyn, I got to do the rest of the digging.
Now as you know if you followed the Tracking of my Ancestors most of last year, I love Genealogy Detective work, and John and Bessie's story was definately a test of my Sleuthing Skills.  Here's what I FOUND out about John and Bessie...so far.
~John and Bessie married in 1909, lived in Atlanta where John was a Street Car Conductor. 
~In 1915  Bessie gave birth to a baby boy and the couple named him John. 
~In 1917 at the age of two, John Jr. died and was buried in the Howell Family Cemetery near his Great Grandfather Howell.
~In the 1920 Census John is listed as living with his parents in Cobb County and employed as a merchant in a General Store.  Bessie is listed with her Grandmother and living in Atlanta.
~In 1922 John died and was buried beside his son in the Howell Family Cemetery.  He was 39 years old and died from complications of Tuberculosis. 
~Bessie is LOST!!!
 The Lost UFO LeMoyne Star is now a FFO...Finally Finished Object...at least the piecing.
The quilting is a Work In Progress this Wednesday, February 27th, 2013.
Cousin John's story and documentation is Finished. 
His LOST wife Bessie's story is a Work In Progress this Wednesday, February 27th, 2013.
 Don't you just love knowing about OtherPeople's Lost and Found Relations?


  1. Hi Sue, I always love your family history and the connection to you. Poor Bessie is lost but if anyone can find her...you can. Smile.

    The UFO LeMoyne star is beautiful. Share it when you are finished the quilting part. Do you use a long arm quilting machine? I love the patterns done this way. Faster and very pretty.

    Happy days to you Sue.
    XO Jeanne

  2. Love the border on that quilt. Funny, I found ANOTHER mini quilt in the basement this morning. It just needs some quilting (by hand) and binding to be finished. I wonder how many other things are 'hiding' down in that basement, waiting to be 'found' like both of our quilts (and a few relatives, too). PS: My grandmother was named Bessie.

  3. Ha ha I had to refill my coffee cup to follow all of this! :)

    It is fun though...a few of us, years ago, only got so far with our ancestry queries, then a cousin-in-law who came over from Germany and still spoke fluent German, and a retired researcher cousin started working together and came up with alot of info...it was fun to read their emails as they found this and that info from Germany

  4. Oh Sue ... I have a similar story in my family history too. It was my great grandfather's half sister but finally I have found some information.
    I do love finding out family mysteries. (())

  5. I have been doing genealogy investigating for over 20 years now. Its hard to do both hobbies at once so sadly genealogy hasn't been worked on much lately. I have traced most of my families to their European beginnings. But there are still some brick walls to uncover some day!

  6. Sue, haven't talked to you in awhile. You have been a busy girl looks like. I love the aprons--so pretty. You do such a beautiful job with your ancestry--quite a model for all of us who love their family history.

  7. Was thinking about you this morning--you've been silent for a while...is everything alright with you?


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