My Behind Assessment for WIP Wed

Boy, did my 'OverDoSueness' in January put me BEHIND in February!!!
It's not that I didn't KeepUp, Finish, and CheckOff the SewIn's, FinishAlongs, OnLine Classes, Swaps, SewAlongs, WIP's, several 'GottaStarts',and BloggedItAll...I did ALL that. Whew!!!  But in the process,  'OverDoSue' kind of got 'Sew/BloggedOut'. 
The result?  SlowDown February!!
It's a short month afterall, and if there is going to be a time to get Behind...well, at least there are fewer days to Assess My Behind...projects.  On the bright side, March is coming with it's two more days than February, so I should be all caught up by April.  That's when the AtoZ April Challenge starts on CollectInTexas Gal.  But, I'm getting ahead of myself which is counter productive to focusing on my behindness...so back to February.   (More about AtoZ later...in the meantime check it out....link on the SideBar).
Here's what's on my machine for WIP Wednesday!
Sewing Aprons is part of my 'UseIt or LoseIt'...'GetErDone' In 2013....afterall
 the Fabrics have been in my STASH for way over at least THREE years. 
 Isn't this too cute fabric?  Perfect for Aprons!
I made this one for my Sister....she sent me one for my Birthday that inspired me to get into
 'The Apron Fabric Stash' and GetEmDone.
And then there was her followup Text and Pic that said...
'Luv this fabric and colors.  I need an Apron'.
I put hers in the mail yesterday and cut out and started sewing on TWO more.
Watch for them in my ETSY shop...A Quilt Store and More!
Taking a break from and getting Behind in Quiltmaker Projects, Curves Class and Blogging
 in February will work out okay.
Afterall, I have March!
Who knows, I may be 'Marching' to the Beat of....who knows what?
Oh well, at least I've Assessed my Behind....Projects....and have my Front covered....with Aprons!


  1. Your aprons look great!

  2. both aprons look gorgeous, great fabric choices!

  3. I need to visit my friend Alyn at Joanne's fabrics! She guarantees me she will always have a half off coupon just for me!

    I love these fabrics you have turned into lovely aprons! Sigh!

    Can you believe March will be here on Friday????

    Where is the time going!?


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