Spinning The Same Old Yarn/Topics...NOT!

Surprise!!!  I bet you are, too! 
 Surprised to see a NEW Topic here on CollectInTexas Gal!

UhUh...don't do it...I can see you...you are looking up...your eyes are rolling...your head is shaking and your just about to cover your face.

Don't Touch That Mouse!

Here's the Thang!  I am Two People!
I am CollectInTexas Gal
I am SuKnitWitty.
I am Not Nuts!
I am a Two Blog Personality!
Now is the time for this good blogger to come to the aid of her aging self.
GetIt-BlogIt All Together!
Say Howdy To SuKnitWitty...She I will now be a PAGE here on CITexas Gal....

Whew!  I'm feeling less SpunOut already! 
I LOVE Knitting and I've missed Blogging about Yarn, my Knitting Friends...'The Wednesday FourSome'...and my Knitting Projects!
So Let's Spin Some Yarn!!!

Do You Knit Daily?  I Do...well I don't KNIT daily, but I Get It Daily!
Knitting Daily is an Interweave Publication.  I get it everyday through email. 
 LOVE It!  LOVE the Patterns!  LOVE the TIPS! 
Here is the Link to JOIN Knitting Daily...It's FREE!

We LOVE To KNIT...My KnitWitty Friends...The Wednesday Knit FourSome!
Join Us here on CollectInTexasGal-SuKnitWitty ... We Share The LOVE of Knitting!


  1. Oh Sue Sweetie...
    I mean CollectIn Texas Gal, woops I mean Sun Knit Witty. You are so darn cute. Just when I think you can't get any better than you are, I find that you have another wonderful craft surprise.

    I wish you and your knitting friends would help a little AZ gal learn. Any beginner ideas or books or ways to teach someone who has two left hands? I will be watching and waiting and hoping that you all can teach me a few things to. I so want to knit and pearl did you say?

    Have a glorious day sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. Hey Sue

    Love to see this side of you. Me nothing like that not even crochet. I'd love to learn either one though. My MIL is an artist - but not a teacher.


  3. I did some knitting when I was just a child but haven't done it since! Of course I have forgotten everything. So glad your putting your knitting page here, Sue! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!


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