The Age of Aquarius...Here's My Sign

Fraud Fraud Fraud....That's what you are Sue!  
Claiming to be an Aquarian...even if it is by the Cusp of your Chinny ChinChin! 
Claiming to be living in the Age of Aquarius!
Claiming the Aquarian Characteristics as....'Fits Me To A T'!!!
Pro-Claiming the Astrological Powers That Be as All Knowing for Tagging You to a T!!!

I swear Ya'll...I'm as shocked as you must be to find out that THIS is NOT the Age of Aquarius, and that I have NOT been living in The 5th Dimension.

I'm floored to find out that all the 'Workin' On My Groovy Thing' has to be chalked up to 'Those Were The Days'!  I was counting on my Groovy Thing to carry me into the Golden Years!

 My first foray into the world of Astrology was through Linda Goodman's SunSigns.  I was young and workin' on finding my Groove!  I was born just a few years outta the 'Baby Boomer Era', so my Groove was not there.  I was not a Flower Child.  Cowboys and Iowa Farm Gals did not raise Flower Children...if they did they would be called Magnolia, Petunia or Pansy...can you imagine being called Pansy Sue Pittman.  OMG I'd have never gotten any kinda Groove On!

I almost missed the whole 'Groovy Thingy'....Texas Gals from PoDunk in 1965 did not have a vocabulary that included words like Groovy, Out of Sight and Far Out!

Had anyone even suggested I was a Flower Child, I'd have assured them my name was not Pansy or Petunia. 

It was forever before I figured out that when the Far Outs talked about Bread it wasn't the kind you buttered.

Then we moved to AUSTIN!  To the city of the Far Outs!  The Hub of Texas HippieDom!  The city where my mouth was in a constant state of dropping open! 

It was there that.....

...HiHoney and I knew we were for sure from 'Sheltered PoDunky Texas'.

It was there that 'My Age of Aquarius', my Fifth Dimensional Groovy Thang  and my 'FarOutness' began....much to the disbelief of the Cowboy and the Iowa FarmGal.

 Over time, the FarOutness merged with the PoDunkyness to become
 'Sue's Groovy Thang' and the essence of my Aquarian to the 'T' Fitness!
What can I say...It's just ME...It's 65 years worth of 'Workin on My Groove'
And...I'm hangin' on to it! 
No matter what  my Yahoo Horoscope says!
No matter what the NewAge SunSigners say!
I am OPEN to The Age of Aquarius...Part D...deux!
Yep, it fits right in there with MediCare Part A and B and my Golden Years Groove!
I'm checkin' out this New Age of Aquarius on my New Age Book...My Pink Kindle.


  1. 'Let the sun shine....'
    I don't know, Sue, but I think the tie-dyed and head-banded look suits you!

  2. You look groovy in that tie-dyed shirt for sure. Happy Pink Saturday.

  3. ohhh girl ... my first good laugh of the day !
    You can still shake that groove thang (())

  4. YOU are a riot!!! I loved this post....and you are lookin' very "Hippy-fied" to me!!! :)

    Also enjoyed your post on frying chicken!! I can identify!



  5. Feeling groovy!!!!
    Very cute post. Happy Pink Sat.

  6. You look great!! Have a beautiful pink Saturday, enjoy!

    Little Chefs in Pink

  7. groovy post - I am an Aquarian - and proud of it!

  8. You are one groovy chick Sue! I loved looking back with you!

  9. Happy Birthday, Sue! My Medicare birthday is in 2013. Yikes, is that a bad sign? You know I chuckled all the way through this one, as I'm from PoDunk, South TX. Not an Aquarius, but a Capricorn, you know. But this is a Water Year. Let's home it washes away the Texas drought. ~ Happy, Happy Pink Birthday Wishes sent your way. ~ sarah

  10. Oh, I'm just an aging hippie, too! Scorpio, but otherwise, I well remember seeing the Fifth Dimension in concert during my college days. And the first road company of "Hair!"


  11. Your post today is definitely different and interesting. I am Virgo but never checked it out. I can assure you there is more than one PoDunk place in Texas. I was born and raised in many such places. That pink hat is not mine and have not been to the Rodeo in many years. However, the show this year broke all records for attendance. For once, the weather was great. Much colder Sunday.

  12. Anonymous2/04/2012

    I always knew you were "cool" Sue but seeing you in that dyed t-shirt confirms it....groovy man!

  13. Lovin' the great shirt and earrings Sue! Peace:@)

  14. Hi Sue, Thanks for liking my first effort at making a journal. I do think you should make a HA T journal. I know it would be a cute project.

    You have me smiling this morning. I would never think of you as a Podunk gal. Yes, a Texas gal who has more 'savy' than most of us. And a very talented one at that. I enjoyed your story very much...as always.

    Guess what, I started quilt lessons. Yep!!! I am going to make my quilts or else. Especially after the issue I made out of it on my BLOG. HA!

    Have a wonderful Sunday.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  15. Fellow Texan and Aquarian--cool!
    Stephen King wrote a story about a Pink Kindle. I'll never feel safe reading from that color...just don't click where it says experimental and you'll probably be okay.


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