PuckerUp ... It's February

Sometimes I'm absolutely floored by what some folks don't know!
Seriously, Ya'll...doesn't everyone know what 'PuckerUp' means!
I do...but decided to see if Google knew!  She does!
Some Googlers didn't...I know...hard to believe, but none the less here ya go!
The Meaning of PuckerUp!
From Urban Dictionary...means to stick out your lips ready to kiss somebody or something.
The pursed movement your lips make in preparation for a kiss.
Online Slang Dictionary...to prepare for a kiss...Pucker up baby!
There's a few more that are 'Eye Rollers', and if they were Asking.com me...
I'd be sayin' KissOff!

Then there are those that just instinctively know ....
....that when you LOVE somebody....you PuckerUp!

Happy February!


  1. That wee one melts my heart!
    Have a beautiful day Sue

  2. It's February-------prepare to pucker up.

  3. Imagine not knowing what 'pucker up' means!
    A boy and a dog - now that's a winning photo!

  4. Aw, cute pic-love it:@)

  5. Like the pucker up red lips-cute. But the grandson and puppy are the Ann

  6. Aw, I just spent last week with my 2-year-old Little Man, and we did a lot of puckerin' up! What a great pic of YOUR little one and his pooch! Cute post, Sue.

  7. So cute! When my granddaughter comes to the house both my girls want to smell her sweet little head and hands. I think they know she is a baby.

  8. These photos say it all. Love that puppy love and the mannequin is great!

    I like to say Pucker Up Baby!


  9. Hi Sue, I am sorry I have been missing your posts lately. I'm back in blog business. (visiting.)

    I sure know what pucker up means. Is this word slang? I don't think so. Love the pic of the girl and the child puckering up to kiss the pup. Sooooo cute.
    Have a happy day my friend.
    Love, Jeanne

  10. That little one is so sweet! What a precious photo you share today! A perfect Valentine I'd say! Happy weekend Sue! Love to you and HiHoney!


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