Tea Party Candidate....Sugar or Sweetner?

Do you know anyone less likely to be a Candidate for a Tea Party than yours truly?  What I know about being a Candidate I learned as a Freshman in High School as a Nominee for Homecoming Queen.  What did I learn? 

That I could hardly wait to be a Senior!  Experience, Maturity and Seniority do have their merits!
For instance....The Senior Nominee's Merits were way ahead of mine from the 'GetGo':
~Her gown was strapless...no kleenex needed.
(mine was strapless and stuffed)
~Her boyfriend was Captain Studley of the football team.
(mine was non-existent...nada...zip...no boyfriend)
~Her brother drove a Corvette Convertable...she waved and smiled like a Queen!
(my brother drove a 1955 Cushman Motor Scooter...I was hanging on to the handlebars for dear life...no waving...no smiling)
~She was a HiHeel ShoeIn to Be Crowned...It was the Tradition!
(I was an Un-informed Freshman wearing Converse HiTops...safety precaution for jumping off Cushman)
From that day forward I knew that I would never be a Candidate for Anything!
Imagine my surprise when I found myself as a Candidate for a Tea Party....

So Ya'll....Sugar or Sweetner?
How Politically Correct to be able to offer you one or the other in my new Sugar Dispenser! 
Afterall, it's all in the presentation....ya know...and...the choice is yours without my
'SoapBox' Speech about the hazzards of 'Chemical Sugar vs Cane Sugar'!
I'm just glad you are here to share in and support my Tea Party...comments welcomed!
I tell Ya...It was Fun Fun Fun!
Sharing a Birthday Tea Party with my SuKnitWitty Friends
The Wednesday Knit FourSome!
PS...Political Disclaimer:  Any reference you may attribute to a Polictical Tea Party are purely coincidental and of your own making!  TeaTotalers and French Dips were present and all Gifts and Contributions were accepted and given without expectation of 'Kickbacks' or Yarn Stash Bashing!


  1. I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh Sue

    Loved hearing the candidate debate. And that dress - WOW!

    Enjoy your tea!

  3. You could sell me on anything! Love the tea party & TY for having us.

    Have a wonderful day ~
    TTFN ~

  4. Very good! For a while there I was concerned...LOL


  5. I love tea parties and if I did use sugar, my choice would be "sugar" . . . gonna have to have a tea party sometime . . . I have all the required elements to create that! Wonderful post and it looks like you all had a wonderful time. Almost over my funk . . . will email ya soon ~

  6. You all look like you're having a grand time - time with friends is always better over a pot of tea.

  7. Great tea party post! I'll have sugar with my tea, please.

  8. I worked in the medical school at the University of Colorado so I am not fond of any artificial sweetners. I saw the effects of them on lab rats!
    My oldest son is on a diet since the new year doing really well and he tries to avoid sugar like the plague! LOL!
    I have been watching a special on the tornado in Oklahoma.
    Our youngest daughters high school is a storm chaser and she was there in the midst of it all! I am stunned that more lives were not lost. But I am happy more survived this awful tragedy.
    AH, the tea party! I love a good tea party. I am not a PC person at all but I hate googling tea party and political stuff comes up! LOL!
    I love your tea theme here today!


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