If Not for Pink Saturday....

...I would have not known Jeanne of Backyard Neighbor was NOT Beverly of How Sweet The Sound!
Back in September 2009 this pretty face was on Pink Saturdays Sidebar. I just assumed it was our Beloved Hostess.
A month or so of Pink Saturdays went by and I visited Backyard Neighbor and there was our Hostess Beverly's picture.
Now, I might have been born at night, but it wasn't last night, so I figured out real quick that Beverly had TWO Blogs.....for the rest of the story click HERE.

If Not for Pink Saturday...

I would have always thought of PINK as Just Another Color.

I would have Not had the Most Outrageous Birthday Party In Blogland!

I would NOT have met Sherry at Country Wings In Phoenix, and she would not have won the Pink Attitude Plate!

I would not have known that Dolly Parton and I share the same Birthday Month and have so much in common....check us out HERE

If Not for Pink Saturday...I would have missed the chance to know the real meaning of Faith Hope and Charity as the Pink Saturday Participants 'Joined Hands and Organizations in Support of Humanity in Need in Haiti.  Pink Saturday January 15, 2010...Joining Hands Through Faith Hope and Charity.
If Not for Pink Saturday...I would not have had the opportunity to share with Ya'll the Amazing Pinks of Texas!  One of the Highlights of CollectInTexas Gal was the invitation to participate in the Artful Blogging Magazine Feature on Pink Saturday.  Artful Plans for Artful Bloggin' for Artful Pink Saturday was the Post where the Celebration of Pink Saturdays Second Anniversary began. 
If Not for Pink Saturday...I wouldn't be able to say that being a part of Pink Saturday has enriched not only my Blogging experience, but also my everyday life in so many ways.
Who knew that a Computer and Blogging would open up a whole new world of Writing, Art, Photography and Friendships!
Because of Pink Saturday...This Girl Raised In Texas is Blessed and Enriched Beyond Belief.

 If Not for Pink Saturday...Well, I just wouldn't be here with all my Pink Craziness and

As Always...Thank-you Beverly at
How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday!
Thanks for Featuring
CollectInTexas Gal

PS...Ya'll can see ALL of CollectInTexas Gals Pink Saturday Posts on My Blogger Pages. 
This PinkHaired Shocked Pinkie Photo on the SideBar will show you the way with just a quick CLICK.
Ya'll come back when you can....Happy Pink Saturdays!!!


  1. I love it! You post the best pinks! Jeanne and Beverly I know are neighbors are good buds! It is so awesome to know you! I love PINKIE GRITS! Anne

    Love the apron too!

  2. You are something else when it comes to great post. This one today is another excellent example of your thinking and writing skills. I definitely remember the one on the mix up last September. You will not see a picture of Beverly. I have her pictured in my mind, but I am sure she is nothing like I think. Some of the Texas gals are smarter than others.

  3. G'eve Sue ~ What delightful pinks & people ... Sherry is a darling.

    You are always so bright & beautiful in your writes & presentations, so enjoy.

    Do you live near San Antonio?

    Happy PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  4. If not for Pink Saturday, we would not have found YOU, Sue!!!! Hurray for Pink Saturday and have a great one, Char

  5. If not for Pink Saturday I would have not had so many Pinky friends! Great post as usual. Happy Pink Saturday. Grace xoxo

  6. Girl,
    You are the cutest and funniest Pink Saturday blogger!!!

    Big hugs to you.


  7. I clicked to your other post, and read with interest of your grandma.

    Some parts of my grandma's story parallels with yours.

    Child bride of the 1900s, into an era and culture where men could take multiple wife and was the boss.

    Grand ma left China for Borneo, but returned knowing her husband would take another wife.

    She died, a heart broken woman, and we never got to know her.

  8. Good morning Sue, I am stealing a minute from the busiest day in this year for me. I am having 50 people from our camera club for a BBQ tonight. Yikes. I am so glad I did because your post today just makes me smile really Texas BIG!

    I love your BIG Texas heart.

  9. Happy Pink Saturday, sweet Sue. I hope you enjoy being the featured participant today. I thank you for everything you do to always make Pink Saturday special. You are a blessing in our lives.

    I will laugh forever about the Jeanne/Beverly post. Now you know I have gray hair, and I'll give you another visual. I'm 5'2", but I don't have eyes of blue.

  10. Anonymous10/23/2010

    I love this post, Sue!

    J and I have had the pleasure of meeting Jeanne and her husband, when they passed through Missouri, last year. Good people!:-) We enjoyed lunch and a walk around historic South Main Street in Saint Charles Missouri before they headed west.

    I haven't met Beverly but feel like I know her, just the same.

  11. Happy Pink Saturday! I love the pinks too!

  12. Anonymous10/23/2010

    I'll just bet you are a lot of fun to hang around with! Kudos on your blog, and welcome! Joining PS has given me so much pleasure as well. I look forward every week! Marcia in California

  13. Anonymous10/23/2010

    Woops! I forgot to say yes to the apron! Being a Texas Cowgirl is on my "Bucket List"! Marcia

  14. How could anyone NOT be into aprons and pink??? You joined my giveaway! Now I am joining yours!! KUDOS!!! and good luck!

  15. Howdy Sue, Nice to meet you. Congratulations on being featured today. Love all your pinks and hearing all the things you've learned from Pink Saturday. You have taught me one thing today that I didn't know. You and Dolly and I share a birthday month. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Birthday. Oh, and YES, I'd love to win your apron!

  16. Sue,

    What a great post. I thought Jeanne was Beverly for the longest time, too, LOL. Thanks for stopping by and your kind words. I love the blogging and the computer. I love the challenge of figuring something our and I love meeting bloggers from all over the world.

    Happy Pink Saturday.


  17. Hi Sue, Happy PINK Saturday! I'm so glad you were featured today so I could discover your blog. What a great post today. OMG, OMG, OMG, (is that enough kudos?) I have apron envy! Pink and cowboys, what a great combination, nothing could be sweeter. YES!!! Enter me in the drawing, heck, you can enter me two or three times, I won't mind ;). Have a wonderful weekend, Nan

  18. Thanks for an awesome post! You must be quite PINK in TEXAS today while we are BLUE Yankees in NY! Congrats on going to the World Series!

    I just love that faith hope charity rose pin! Your blog is precious and I learned something new today about BEV!

    Please enter me in that apron giveaway and hop over to mine and enter win one of my two giveaways!


  19. Congratulations on being featured today...always enjoy your posts. and thanks for the reminder that we are fighting cancer on so many fronts. I hope you're enjoying a PINK week...we're grinning like a couple of possums around here with the World Series coming to Texas...If HiHoney if a baseball fan, I'll bet he's happy. Heck, even if he's not he's probably celebrating for Nolan Ryan. I have bluebonnet seeds for you if you'll send your address, they'll be in the mail...it's planting time. Contrats again, Texas Gal.

  20. I do love aprons! Can't wait to get my sewing machine all set up!

    Lots of fun here today and I'm lovin' that pink wig.

    You will love that on Thursday night, at 10:30 p.m., we were deciding to send our furniture, belongings and me to Austin! Yupper, couldn't find a place to live here. That all changed when we received a phone call 5 minutes later.

    Still, that Austin thang? It's in the works fur sure 'cuz our baby is close by and we just might be there in a year or so.

    Happy Pink Saturday!!!

  21. Yes! Yes! What a fun and pretty blog you have. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Mermaid Debbie

  22. Happy Pink Saturday and your blog is wonderful, congrats on being featured on Beverly's post, this is sure a fun group! Yes, please do enter me in the drawing and Kudos to you too! Have a fun pink filled PS. Hugs, Marilou

  23. Absolutely enjoyed your post! Happy Pink Saturday!!

  24. H,i I forgot to give you my blog name Lulu's Lovlies at http://luluslovlies.blogspot.com/ I didn't mean to be entering twice, sorry! Hugs Happy Pink Saturday, Marilou

  25. You are so clever and fun! Thank heavens you found Pink Saturday so we could all find YOU!

    Loved this post....I bet you were the "funnist" art teacher and all your kids adored you!

  26. Yes and what a deleightful post. Thanks so much for sharing. hugz:)

  27. oops can't spell today, my figners are going faster than my brain. lol

  28. What a great post! I'm glad that Jeanne and Beverly are two different people because I love both of them!!

  29. Love your post!! PS has given me to much inspiration and introduced me to so many sweet friends!! For at least a year I would look at PS posts but didn't know how to join..lol! Now it's truly the one day I look forward to most!! And I L.O.V.E. that pink apron. I go gaga for aprons!! Love them!!! So...yes, yes, yes, please enter me into your wonderful giveaway!!

  30. What a fantastic post for PS, you really have given it much thought. I enjoyed it very much!

    Have a Great Weekend and HPS to You*

  31. One of these days - when I'm more organised - when I have a pink picture - when I think of it...Pink Saturday looks like a lot of fun!

  32. What a wonderful post. I loved reading what Pink Saturday has done for you. I too never thought that a computer and blogging could open up so many doors and so much creativity and that I would meet so many wonderful people that would help enrich and shape my life!! Happy Pink Saturday.
    Hugs, LisaKay

  33. Great post for PS and congrats on being featured, isn't it fun. YES! I would like a chance at the apron.
    Gail - Decorating My Tin Shack

  34. WOW!
    What a fabulous, fabulous post. I am just so wowed.
    I love all the creative ways you tied into other bloggy pink women and all your photos and collages and just way too cool!
    Good for you!
    And oh yes! I'd love an apron!!!
    cailinmarie - at - hotmail -dot- com

  35. What a cool pink post and I love your sassiness.
    I also love your apron so count me in. Happy Pink Saturday.

  36. What a fun Pink Saturday post!!! I'd love an apron!!

  37. It's not just a blog party, is it? Great post, and I say YES to the apron!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  38. Anonymous10/24/2010

    Beautiful..Thank you for sharing..

  39. Happy PS and I'd love to win your apron. Glad to hear from you today. Your banner is darling too. Hugs, Mollye

  40. Anonymous10/25/2010

    Have I ever told you how cool and fun I think you are? HPS Sue!

    And YES....please enter me in the apron giveaway



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