ChrysanTheMum...Garden Variety or Exhibitionist?

...Silly Question...I Am A Mum Exhibitionist!!!

.....And A Red Roses Exhibitionist!!!

...And A Sunflower Exhibitionist!!!


The rose is called the queen of flowers,
Surrounded by her sisters fair,
A lovely throng of beauties rare,
She holds her court 'mid summer bowers,
'Neath smiling skies of sunny blue,
Gayly they bloom the summer through
Brightening all the golden hours.

But when the autumn days have come
Then blooms our sweet Chrysanthemum.
As we watch the summer days depart
And the painted leaves in silence fall,
And the vines are dead upon the wall;
A dreamy sadness fills each heart,
Our garden seems a dreary place,
No brilliant flowers its borders grace,
Save in a sheltered nook apart,
Where gay beneath the autumn sun
Blooms our own Chrysanthemum.

Ah! she is not a "Summer Friend,"
She stays when all the rest have flown,
And left us flowerless and alone;
No singing birds, or blooms to lend
Their brightness to the autumn haze,
'Tis she who cheers the dreary days;
'Tis joy to know so sweet a friend;
No fairer flower blooms 'neath the sun
Than autumn's queen Chrysanthemum.

Hattie L. Knapp.

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  1. Last night a dinner guest brought a bouquet of mums and dahlias - it couldn't have been more beautiful. There's something about those cheery flowers, blooming in the mist and fog of a Pacific Northwest fall, like bursts of sunshine in the gloom....all the more special because they come into their own when all the others have given up.

  2. Remember those huge mums that appeared as corsages at football games? I loved those! Oh yes, mums are stars.

  3. Wow this almost looks like a sunflower! It's simply beautiful.


  4. Anonymous10/13/2010

    Gorgeous images. Pom Pom's comment brought back memories of Homecoming games and Pom Pom Mums, pinned to mouton jackets.:-)

  5. Sue, these are gorgeous. And, you are the prettiest exhibitionist I've ever encountered.♥


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