Not Your Yodel-lay-de-hoo Alpine

It's a YeeHaw Ya'll Alpine...

...and it's in Texas.  Yep, there's an Alpine, Texas...zip code 79830...home of Sul Ross State Univiersity and this Texas Gals setting for 'Alpine Studio'...a pastel painting done in 1988.  The paintings setting has changed many time over the years since I sat across the street from the original building with sketch book and pastels.  I won't even go there with the number of moves HiHoney and I've made and the number of walls 'Alpine Studio' has decorated, but just know that today it hangs on the living room wall as a reminder of a special time and place.

 'Alpine Studio' was a real live place on one of the back streets of Alpine where an Artist Friend of mine had a Gallery, and it was the beginning of a series of pastel paintings done while I was a graduate student at Sul Ross State University.  This mosaic are three of the pastels done in the Southwest Series.... 

....for my Graduate Show.

Time has a way of changing many things...like...hairdo's, youth, careers, and life.

However, somethings never change....I'm still a Star Gazer!
PS... Visit Alpine, Texas via these websites:


  1. Great post today! My favorite is the self-portrait. Time has slipped by but we have learned many things on life's journey.

  2. Your blog is beautiful. I enjoyed your Mosaic Monday and all of your pictures. Doylene

  3. What a gift you have. I'd have that painting where I could see it every day too.

  4. Anonymous10/11/2010

    Fabulous! Just simply fabulous.

    Thank you!

  5. I love the colours of your pastels; my favourite is the vase with the feather.

  6. Hello Sue, we arrived home last night from our football weekend. We lost by 3 points. LSU beat us (Fl Gators)in the last 29 seconds of the game. Very sad. However, life goes on. and I am happy about that!

    I love your Alpine post today. My goodness you are a fine artist. You look so pretty then and you still do now. I like everything you shared today. Do you still paint or is your art in quilts now?

    I love the way you share your photos on the side bar. Your post is always interesting Sue. With your art talent it is no wonder you do such a lovely job on your blog. I mean it.

    Have a wonderful evening.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  7. Very nice, Sue. Love your header and sidebar, also. So pretty here on your blog...always something interesting going on. :) Nancy

  8. Sue, how have I missed this piece of information about you? I didn't know you were an artist. Beautiful work.

  9. Very nice mosaic!! I assume these are done in pastel chalks? Thanks for stoppin' by and come back soon.


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