The Horrible Truth Lies Deep Inside


An October Night...by Charles Audette

The wind whispers
A wary warning
There was plenty, still
Early this morning

These primal urges
Are hard to fight
An unholy diet
A dark appetite

The pavement scrapes
With scuttling leaves
I'll pull the drapes
And hope to deceive

The moon suffocates
In ominous clouds
Shut off the lights
Heartbeats too loud

Then the neighbor's gate creaks
But it's not the wind
That seeks to feast
On fearing humans

Red brake lights
A car crawls by slow
The shadowy shapes
On my dark doorstep know

That the empty window
Of my house lies.
The horrible truth
Hides deep inside

Everything tonight
Could have been just dandy
But now the demons have wrath -
Cause I ate all the candy!

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  1. That is such a great poem. You are so creative.

  2. What?!! You don't have second, third and (in a bad year) fourth back up bags of candy!?
    Great poem...have fun tomorrow night!

  3. Anonymous10/30/2010

    Wonderful poem!

    Happy Halloween!

  4. Good Evening Sue Sweetie...
    Oh I love this post. It is so darn cute, and I absolutely love the photo.

    Have a great time tomorrow night with the grands, can't wait to see what they are going to be. Love the little one at the pumpkin patch. Priceless...

    Happy Halloween sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  5. Cute post.

    Happy Halloween.

  6. I should NOT have taken the candy out of the bags. Now I must go back for more!

  7. Happy Halloween!
    Thank you so much for visitng my Alphabe-Thursday F-post this past week. Thank you for your kind words, but this was a very meager post because of my computer problems. Suddenly yesterday, my home computer allows me to go on line again.
    I have revised my F-post slightly and would like to invite you to return for a second visit whenever you have the time.
    Best wishes & thanks,
    Anna's Alphabe-Thursday-F: REVISED!!!

  8. Anonymous10/31/2010

    Halloween candy is very dangerous to have around in our house. Since we don't get trick-or-treaters I just opted not to buy any this year. I do love Snickers though. LOL


  9. Love your poem Sue!! Yes, I'm afraid I snacked a bit too much myself. I never used to have to worry about such things, but I think time has caught up with me!!! (Dear Daughter only laughs!) Hope you had a very Happy Halloween! ~tina


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