The Return of The Pink Flying Pig and....

The Pink Pumpkin!
Only on Pink Saturday and Only on CollectInTexas Gal have you ever seen a Flying Pink Pig! 
Right??  Right!! And for Halloween Pink Saturday...PinkiePig is showing off her Pink Pumpkin!

OMG...I Gotta Get A Crypt Grip!
Please Sue, everyone knows Pigs DoNot Fly!

This is the Height of Pink Insanity!
PinkiePig??? Pleeeeze!!!

Pink Pumpkins???  Double Pleeeeze!!!

TOLD YA!!!  BwaaaHaHa!

One More Thing!!!!

TADA!!!! The Winner of the Pink Cowgirl Apron!!!!

Let me tell you a thing or two or three about Lynn!
She was one of the first Bloggers to welcome CollectInTexas Gal to BlogLand! 
Yep, that's how far Lynn and I go back!
The Vintage Nest is truly a warm and fuzzy place to visit!  Lynn always has the prettiest and most unique Holiday decorations in her Vintage Nest Boutique .

Just take a look at what Lynn has for you on her Pink Saturday Post.  That's right Lynn is a Pinkie. 
 In fact, she is in the Top Ten on Beverly's List. 
I think that means she's been an OlderVeteran  Longtime Pink Saturday Participant !

Speaking of Pink Saturday Participants...I want to say a Big Texas Thanks to all of Ya'll who participated in the Apronista GiveAway, and made my Featured Pink Saturday so much FUN FUN FUN with your Visits and Comments! 
As Always...Thanks Beverly for Making Saturday Pink!

PS....Be careful on Trick or Treat Night!  Some DingDongs are better left UnRung!

Happy Halloween, Ya'll !!!

Happy Belated Birthday, Jeanne!

Pink Saturday Fall Header


  1. Do I believe pigs can fly??? You betcha! Saw those great pink pumpkins this year too, but couldn't get a good pic with my puny camera-you did great! Happy Halloween Weekend:@)

  2. whahahaha! You are a hoot. I love the flying Pig! So awesome. Thank you for visiting me. Happy Pink Saturday and Halloween! Grace xoxoxo

  3. Happy Halloween and Pink one at that Sue Sweetie...
    I love this share. You are so stinkin cute I tell you. I wish I lived close by, I would be ringing your door bell just to see what you are handing out. Pigs that Fly and pink pumpkins, and peter, peter pumpkin eater. Wow... When they say ya all do it BIG in Texas, they really mean it.

    You are such a jewel and congrats to Lynn she is such a sweetie. I love her. Couldn't have gone to a sweeter gal. She does love a good apron.

    Have a Happy Halloween and a great Pink Saturday. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  4. That is just too funny. I love her!!! Happy Pink Saturday girlfriend and have a safe Halloween, Char

  5. Anonymous10/29/2010

    I knew pigs flew... why did you have the only one? hehe... love your blog. Pictures are stunning. What camera or setting are you using for such high quality photos. THey are great. Tammy

  6. Another outstanding job from a Texan. Your posts are always just a notch above. I love the way you put so many different things into it. This one is not as pretty but a lot more scary.

  7. Now THAT is truly scary, sweetpea! :-)

  8. What fun to read your pink pig post and congrats to Lynn. Everything is beautiful.

  9. Cute post! I think I've seen some pigs fly in my day! Whoo Hoo!

  10. Of course pigs can fly! Especially pink ones!!!
    I'm still giggling over the cute cartoon, Sue.
    Happy Halloween! ~ Sarah

  11. COngrats to Lynn! One lucky winner of the precious cowgirl apron! Woo Hoo!
    I love the flying pigs and I believe! I do believe! HPS Sue! Hugs and Many Blessings Anne

  12. Well missy.. it has been awhile... Cat from (writing out loud!) blog got hacked..but so glad I found you again..and your amazing posts!!!
    Happy Pink!

  13. Happy Halloween! Congrats to Lynn.

    Happy PS,

  14. That's a spiffy glove, Sue!

  15. I love that flying pig!!!!!
    God Bless

  16. ROFLOL! Sue, I loved your post today but when I got to the end and saw the cartoon, I laughed till I had tears! Have a wonderful weekend, Nan

  17. Happy Pink Saturday, sweet - and scary - Sue. I promising to take care answering my ding-dongs.

    I love your pink flying pig, and I hope Jenny comes by to see this. She is into flying pigs.

    Congratulations to Lynn. You are two very sweet ladies.

  18. Happy Pink Halloween Saturday....Loved your scary cute post. Very clever!
    Lynn is a lucky lady to win the apron!

  19. Great cartoon!
    Congratulations to the apron winner - it was a great giveaway!

  20. I do believe that pigs can fly!!! I adore pigs and especially flying ones! Happy Pink Saturday and Halloween to you!

  21. Happy Pink Saturday! The Pink Flying Pig has just got to be the best Pink/Halloween post I have seen today. Love your glove and your portrait, you are ready for Halloween.

  22. G'day Sue ~ That would scare the tar outta me! Love your pumpkins'. I have a flying pig on the cupola & a flying pig flower basket. Love those pigs.

    Have a BOO-TEA-FUL weekend.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  23. Love the cartoon! And who said pigs can't fly?!


  24. Hey Sue. Yes, I believe in pink flying pigs because you have them on your blog. Hello! Laughing here. Love your cute and fun post as always. Then after I came to the end of your post I see a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Thank you Sue, that really made my day.

    Congrats to Lynn for winning the apron. Lucky girl!!!

    Happy Pink Saturday.
    If you have time I added a pic to my post. It will make you laugh.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  25. Hi Sue, you wild and crazy Texas girl!!!! I love ya and you always make me smile. A pink flying pig and a pink pumpkin...now that's my kinda Halloween/Pink Saturday treat!


  26. What a fun flying pig!~~~~

  27. Anonymous10/31/2010

    Adorable and so creative! HPS!

  28. Hi Sue, happy belated pink saturday..whoa girl I love me that flying pig! oh awesome, I must see that someday..
    your blog is halloween beautiful, I tell ya..thanks for stopping by and your always sweet comments! have a pinkalicioius Halloweenie my friend!

  29. Anonymous10/31/2010

    Now you know I told myself that I would easily win that apron....yeah right...when pigs fly! Ha ha....Well...I am here to tell you that pigs DO fly 'cause I won...yippeee! Oh Sue, as another poster said your post are always top notch and are truly so much fun to read. I received my prize possession yesterday and wait until you see the blog post I have already done on it. Hopefully it will be next Saturday's Pink post! Yours truly will be showing off her marvelous apron. Can't wait! xoxo Lynn P.s. I have a flying pig in my family room. It used to be a real live weather vane. :) P.P.S. or should that read P.S.S. Happy Halloween!

  30. Cute post. I love your pink pig.


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