The FlipFlop 'PitcherTaker'

I had plans to 'Stop and Shoot' whenever and whatever as I drove through Eden, Brady, Mason, Fredricksburg and on into New Braunfels.
I knew it was time for the Thistle to be in Full Bloom, and time for the Bluebonnets to be replaced with Fire Wheels, Prickly Poppy and Prarie Fleaband. 

Ya'll impressed with my Texas Wildflower NameDroppin'?
Well, ya might want to cover your ears for this next one.

Pecker, TalleyWacker  Flower.  Whew!  I nearly didn't get that said.  I was a bit worried that the Wildflower Species Police from Google would Crawl all over Pecker and TalleyWacker and I'd get a 'REPORT ABUSE' Flag.  SoFarSoGood,so on with this Funny Lookin Texas Wildflower that has a real name...Ratibida or Mexican Hat.  I'll let ya'll be the judge. 

Onto safer species....The Fire Wheel and Caelifera Orthaptera or better know as Grasshopper!
What a surprise to see that little Wildflower Chomper....Ahhhha the Magic of Digital Photography!
Did you know that Grasshoppers have Five Eyes, no Ears or Nose and can Jump Twenty Times the length of their body.
 Just a little Grasshopper Trivia for ya.  HERE is more to keep ya hoppin'.

It's nice when 'Stop and Shoot' Plans work out so well. 
 Especially when the Jumpin Caelifera are busy Chompin and not interested in Jumpin on this GRIT.
I had on FlipFlops!

PS...See the Prickly Poppy at CollectInTexas Gal Photos!  It's my new Photo Blog!

See more Texas Wildflowers in the CoolPix Gallery!

See...This Girl Raised In Texas has gone 'Pitcher Takin' crazy with NeatO'Nikon.


Unknown said...

Whoa girlfriend, those are some happening flowers now...beautiful!!!
Now if you can keep from getting your blog pulled you'll be ok...just kidding!!!

Mary Lou said...

Beautiful. This may get bleeped but there is a plant called "hairy balls". Not the technical name of course!! I bought them at the farmer's market one time...
By the way, I don't spin or weave, just knit. wish I did though.

Sarah said...

Enjoyed seeing all your recent posts on your trip to my part of TX. Glad you had a good trip. Wonderful wildflower photos. You are enjoying that camera! ~ Sarah

Carol said...

LOL, enjoyed your post and your flowers! Cool grasshopper, I think! Not a fan of bugs though in real life, but makes a cool picture :)

Jeanne said...

Good morning Sue, Your post made me laugh and I love to laugh. That pecker flower is a hoot. I love your flower photos but that's no surprise, I love flowers. I scrolled down to your posts I missed. welcome home. Your Nikon does a great job but the shooter has to take lots of credit for a good photo shot. Love the homes, is the last one yours? Very pretty.

Have a G.R.I.T. Texas day my friend.
Love, Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous flower photos! You are an absolute hoot by the way. Tallywackers eh? LOL

The Blue Ridge Gal

Anonymous said...

oh how I adore florals! yum! thanks for sharing!

ciao bella!
creative carmelina

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

You sure do have some wild Texas Wildflowers with interesting names ~ all very pretty I might add!

Fun stopping by to visit with you!

Kindly, ldh

Mollye said...

All I can say is we'd better enjoy all the images you post because afore ye know it........our Grit will be working for National Geographic and we'll have to pay big bucks to see her work!

Ebie said...

Love the nicknames of your flowers! They all look so pretty!

Olivia said...

Ohhhhh pretty flowers! Love it!


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