Collectin March Birthday Gals...GoGreen for VTT!!!

March brings in Spring and ENDS Winter!
I'm Done with Winter!  How bout Ya'll??

March can be both Wintery and Spring like!
Blustery, Windy Days occurr as often as Warm Sunny Days!!

In Texas, Spring begins around March 20th when the center of the sun is directly over the equator which is known as The Vernal Equinox!

Yep, I've recently become a BlogginMeterologist!

Have you noticed how in BlogLand USA this winter that the Woman of the Year has been 'Mother MessedUp Nature?

Wonder what she has in store for us in March?

I can only GUESS...I'm only on Lesson 2 in Meteroligist School.  I say SHE's gonna BLOW!

Isn't this the Sweetest March Birthday Gal?
She is carrying a Daffodil, which is the March Flower.
Made by Geo Z Lefton and numbered KW4200.

The March Girl above is a Josef Original made in 2001.

March is National Womens History Month!
March 8th is International Womens History Day!
For more Information Click HERE .

FYI...There are more Famous Men Born in March than Women.  HERE is the List.

This GRIT's Daddy's Birthday was March 14th and Brother 'The Squirt' is March 6th.

My Favorite March Birthday Gal is this 'Irish Lass'!
Made by Geo Z Lefton in 1957...signed and numbered 1987J.  She is an Angel figurine...altho her wings do not show in this picture. 

I'm not Irish, but I always wear Green on Saint Patricks Day!  It's a Warning Sign ...
"It's NotNice To Pinch GRITS"!

Green is ONE of my favorite colors!  
I Collect Green Glassware!
I have a Green Kitchen!
I have a Green Thumb!
I ReCycle...GoGreen!
I am a MHS Lobo Graduate...Go Green and White!
I Love the Greens of West Texas...WWYS!

I ShouldaBeen Irish!

Thanks to Suzanne at ColoradoLady for hosting Vintage Thingie Thursday.
She is a Lucky Gal this week with a Cookie Jar find that will topple you off the wall!!  Click HERE and have a Fun Vintage Thingie Thursday.


Jocelyn said...

Such sweet Birthday girls :-)

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sue Sweetie...
I so adore this post. You are a true weather woman. My goodness look at all the wonderful scores you have made. I adore these beautiful little gals. Especially the 1957 one. That was a great year, I was born in that year. I love that one the most, however they are all so detailed and beautiful. They are in great condition, and have been well taken care of.

I would have never taken you for a GREEN gal, I don't know I kind of thought for sure it would be "RED". I don't know why but I really did. I can handle green though too. You will never be pinched because you certainly have lots of green around you. Yep you sure do.

I love this creative post today. You are just the sweetest little Texan around. Love ya girl. Country hugs and much love...Sherry

Kerrie said...

I collect green glassware, too. I love all your March birthday girls, they are precious! Kerrie

GardenOfDaisies said...

If it makes you feel better, everybody's Irish on St Patricks day!!

I love green too! From the time I could talk I would go around tellin' anyone who would listen that green was my favorite color! I collect green glassware too, and green handled kitchen utensils, and I love all the greens in nature. :-) I am part Irish (no wonder I love potatoes!) and my husband is part Irish. Our daughter competed in Irish step-dance for 9 years and is planning a trip to Ireland in October. Her best friend at college spent a semester studying in Limerick, and the two girls are planning to go back to visit during fall break.

Dapoppins said...

Those girls are very sweet. I was looking for some bloggy fun Irish things too for my blog, but you came up with way more stuff than I could.

So I blogged about chocolate, cause that is how I roll.

Have a great day!

concretenprimroses said...

Love these little ladies!
Very nice collection.

Postcardy said...

Your birthday girls are so cute!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the birthday girls. I have just started collecting for my girls and myself. Fun!

Paulette said...

You are too funny! Cute birthday girls!

Coloradolady said...

These are such precious birthday girls, especially since this is my birthday month!!! Love the Irish Lass!! Have a great VTT!

Unknown said...

My favorite is the first one. I want to dance in her swirly skirt!

Maureen said...

The first figurine has the most adorable face!

CC said...

I love your sweet girls,they're wonderful. Happy VTT from another GRIT..

Charlotte said...

Beautiful! I want July!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

oh dear oh dear! your figurines are so adorable! I can't pick one as fave coz I like them all!.. soooo sweet & lovely.. happy VTT

Pom Pom said...

Hello dear Sue, You love those little doll faces, don't you? You love people, that's why. You are such a believer. It shines through.

Stephanie said...

Green Rocks! Bring on the Spring! Peace, Stephanie

Diann said...

Hi Sue!

What an adorable collection!! there are all so sweet!

Tara Beaulieu said...

What an adorable collection of little girls! I especially love the one holding the daffodil, she has an almost elfin like quality about her, so precious!

SandyS said...

National Quilting Day is the third Saturday in March every year, making it on March 20 this year!

Debbie said...

I have never seen so many different birthday dolls pictured together, they look great as a collection. I especially like the one holding the daffodils.

Denise Marie said...

very sweet. Someone showed Feb girls all last month and that is my birth month so I really enjoyed it. Where are ya girl...I'm in Houston? Texas is a big place. lol


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