Crochet Mrs.B's Way..MyWay..or The HiWay for PinkSaturday!!!

Let me just ask Ya'll a couple of questions before I get into this Pink Saturday Post....

Did you ever want to make those Crocheted Doilies like my Grandma Minnie had on every table top, sofa, and dresser?

You know the ones that were starched to the max with every ruffle standing at attention and with tiny flowers caught up in a spider web of delicate string.

Do you head straight for the collections of old crochet and linens at Thrift Stores, Antique Shops and Garage Sales?

You know those places where Discarded Doilies might be found, and if you're really lucky, a stack of old crochet books with patterns like 'The Ruffled Pondlily" or 'The Pineapple Pincushion".

Well, I Did and I Do!!!

I so wanted to learn to make one of those doilies, so I talked my HomeEc teacher into doing a unit on crochet....you see, I was a StarSewingStudent and Mrs. B was not.  She was a StarCookingTeacher, but she did know how to crochet.  So in the spring of 1962 I purchased my first TinyHook and ThinThread.

Much to my disappointment, I was not a StarCrochetStudent!  My Doilie was a Dud!  Now, don't get me wrong, Mrs. B tried every trick known to those who mastered the TinyHook and ThinThread Tension.  At the end of the lessons, my classmates had doilies and I had  Jigger Covers.  You know, those thingies that fit around tea glasses....except mine weren't that big.  Yep, this GRIT suffered from THTT TensionItist!  So, Mrs. B put me back on the Sewing Machine where the Tension was Permanently Set! 

So, a while back...we say that in Texas when we don't remember when it was...I found a stack of old Crochet Booklets in an Antique Shop.  And, there it was, the pattern for the Pineapple Pincushion. 

I've seen them a few times in Antique Shops, but never added one to my Collection of Sewing and Crochet Stuff.  Mostly because I just knew that I could make one...afterall, Mrs. B did teach me the basic stitches of making a chain, single and double crochet.  How hard could it be?  It's flat!

The thing about the Pineapple Pincushion that really intrigued me was the RIBBON!

To make a PinkPost come to the Point, here are the results of my  Crocheted Pineapple Pincushion.  And I have to say that I Did it a LittleBit Mrs. B's Way....a LittleBit the Pattern's Way....and a Whole Bunch MY Way!  The rest of the Pattern???  It hit the HiWay!!!

If you would like to make The Pineapple Pincushion the Pattern Way, I found it on the InterNetHiWay HERE for FREE.  I paid $3.00 for a booklet that in the 1940's cost 10 cents.

For a really good PinkFix hop on over to Beverly's at How Sweet The Sound.

My Pinkie ShoutOut goes to Cindy at FairyTale Cottage where Pinkness is all about Easter. 


  1. I adore crochet.
    I'm very very slowly making a blanket......it will take, um...forever. and ever. to finish.

  2. Thats a really lovely pincushion. I have to admit the ribbon is what draws me to it. Lovely post. Happy Pink Saturday-thank you for your comments on my blog.

  3. Anonymous3/13/2010

    Hi Sue and congratulations on that precious pineapple pin cushion! You did good! Oh, I crochet too and love to crochet with string but just don't seem to have the time. I've made my share of doilies and a couple of tablecloths! Oh, we should get together and have a crochet party with lots of food! Yes! Lots of food! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. It looks so hard! Come teach me!

  5. Great job on your pincushion. The ribbon is so eyecatching. I just have to buy my doilies at the antique shop. I have never been able to sit and follow all those little lines of instructions. So I always envy anyone that can.

  6. Wow! I'm impressed! My mother used to "whip" these out like there was nothing to it! She'd make them for teacher gifts for Christmas so I could be he darling child who gave a homemade heart! Love these! Great job! Hugs, Coralie

  7. Very Pretty! You are so talented. I have so many doilies that aunts and grandmothers made. Growing up we used to only see in our Italian friends homes not our American friends now they are "vintage" and in style all over lol I have to show my mom this post...she will say "See" lol Hugs Grace

  8. I Love doilies but they are too tedious and the thread is too fine for these eyes of mine so I buy other people's doilies! I envy those the can make their own! Congrats!

  9. Love, love, love them!! The variegated one turned out so nice (can't wait to see the back)
    You are having so much fun making all these pineapples!!

  10. You are one unique chickie! I love stopping by! You always have such beautiful treasures to share plus your super talented! Happy weekend and PS to you!

  11. After all those years, your home ec teacher's instructions paid off. Lovely doily pincushions. I too have some of those little instruction book that cost 10 cents. Love to look through them and see the lovely photos.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  12. I am definitely impressed by this! Just lovely. I crochet, but I've never attempted something that fine. Bravo!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  13. Happy PS!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae
    "Do these shoes Match this purse?"

  14. I am so excited that I visited you this morning! I have been on a crochet frenzy lately and was wanting to learn how to make these pineapple pincushions, but hadn't found a satisfactory pattern. This one looks great! I thank you so much for the link and the inspiration. Your pincushions are beautiful! Wish me luck! I have crocheted with thicker yarn and bigger crochet hooks all my life, but not the thin and the tiny. Hope you have a beautiful weekend! Twyla

  15. Oooooh my gooooooosh, how caaauuuuuuute those are. Just so colorful for a pink saturday. And yes, I love the doilys my grandma put out. They were just as you described, sugar. Standing at attention. Darling post. You are much talented.

  16. Hi Sue,
    I would say that you mastered the art quite well!
    I always disliked HomeEc class. I just couldn't get the cooking part and the sewing not too much either.
    But now I love to sew! Must of had boys on the brain or something.

    Great post and I love your doilies.


  17. I love those pin cushion pineapples! Yours are gorgeous!!! I wish I had loved them as a child when my grandmother cranked them out at several a week but alas hindsight is always 20/20. Blessings Meg

  18. hi sue -- it's nice to meet you! i enjoyed your post on crocheting (great job on the pincushion -- it's lovely!). thanks for stopping by my blog this morning & commenting. (o: i enjoyed reading your profile... i passed your blog address onto my sister & friend that LOVE to quilt. (i really like quilts but they actually get them DONE!) (o: do you happen to subscribe to country living magazine? they had a few pages in their new issue on collecting old tape measures -- wouldn't that be sweet?! it sounds like a collection you'd have with. (o: no, i don't crochet (all i've ever done is a chain!)... maybe someday, tho'! am having fun w/ tatting right now. (o: your blog is so inspiring -- will sign up to follow so i can keep checking back! have a great day. (o:

  19. Those pin cushions are just beautiful! That is one thing I have never learned to do is crochet! It looks just so confusing to me! I hope you are enjoying Pink Saturday and have a wonderful weekend! Sherri : )

  20. This is a lost art in my family too! My Great Grandmother could make these. I have always had the urge to embroider and hope to learn some day! Happy Pink and thanks for stopping by to visit today!

  21. Your efforts have got to be very rewarding. Your pin cushion is a pure sweet delight. I do a lot of crocheting but have never had the patience or the fingers for the finer hooks...and I had the same 'tension' problem you first had. I love your work. Amazing!!!

  22. I'm impressed! I don't crochet, but my mom has for years. Thanks for sharing on this Pink Saturday!

  23. Hi Sue!
    Your pin cushions are just beautiful! What wonderful talent you have!
    Hope you have a terrific weekend,

  24. FABULOUS! Love those doilies - my grandmother made hundreds in her time. I'll look out for old patterns for you - sometimes come across them in charity shops here in the UK. And if I do, I'll contact you to send them over. I used to crochet myself, and this definitely brings back memories of the yards of lace I used to make.

    Happy Pink Saturday - and by the way, I'm wildly impressed with your headers!

  25. Hi Sue,
    I'm still visiting for Pink Saturday..and I love,love your sweet pincushion. It's gorgeous..
    how well I remember the pincushions,the doilies,chair sets.. all those beautiful crocheted pieces. You sweet blog just keeps gettin prettier and prettier..Happy Pinks..

  26. These are all so pretty! They look hard and complicated, but, I have never crocheted. Someday, I will learn :). Thanks for the sweet shout out. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  27. Anonymous3/15/2010

    These turned out as beautiful as the purple one!

  28. Happy Pink Saturday, dear Sue.

    Girl, you know I can't do anything involving a needle. But, I do drool over all the lovely creations I see. You did good!

  29. I am really good at tying shoes.

    That is about it. Those are beautiful, tho.


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