Lucky To Live In TEXAS

Here it is the Last Day of the Lucky Month of March.

This GRIT has Blogged and Bragged alot this March about being Lucky.

Yep, I've been Lucky with the Thriftin Finds, Lucky with Antique Shoppin, and Lucky with March Madness.

So, Here's My Signs!

On The Blown Around Texas Road Trip, I blew right into Houston in time for This Sign>>>>>>>>>>>>.

And as a Lucky Texan, who you'd think would be Cheering for a Texas Team....Baylor....I'm on a Full Court Press for Duke.  A North Carolina Team....not even from the South. 

Sorry bout that all you GRITS! 

But, this GRIT's Brother's favorite college BasketBall Team is DUKE....and I mean he's passonate about that!  And, believe me you don't mess with Texas Guys about Basketball Favorites....especially when they are Six-Eight to your Five-Eight.  I'm talking height...as in TALL!  Yep, we Raise Em Tall in Texas....at least in this GRIT's Family!

Yep, there's always enough for a PickUp Game  or a Highly Competitive game of HORSE!  Here my Grandson is about to Pop the Net....get ready Cousins....ya'll are going to get a Spellin lesson!
How did all these LongLegged  Basketball players get those long legs? 

It all started with Mama and Daddy!
Here's  Mama with her Five LongLegged Kids. 

We start the Height Bar at Five Eight and raise it off the Scales at Six Eight!

The Gals...Mama, Sisters and Me were Basketball and Volleyball Players and Coaches.

The Guys...'The Squirt' (right) played Basketball and Baseball and Stacy...TheDukester...was all Basketball!

 At Six-Eight, he was Coach Moore's dream player.  He'd already coached this GRIT and knew BB was in our Tall Genes and LongLegged Jeans!

I placed this Prayer Button on my SideBar last week knowing that My Blogging Friends would Pray for Stacy!

I'd like to Thank You for your prayers and thoughts! 

Stacy's treatment and  surgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center was successful.  We are back home for R&R and will return next week.

We are very Lucky to Live in Texas where MD Anderson is a place of  Faith Hope and Love.  Thank you for your prayers!


  1. I'm so thankful! You ARE all long-legged! I guess I'll root for Duke, too. For Stacy.

  2. Mygosh, you kids are tall. I'm the shrimp in our family at 5'4 1/2" tall, sugar. Good lookin' fam though!! ;-)

  3. Anonymous3/31/2010

    Love the family pic--so good to see everyone!!
    Glad you are home! Love you! Linda

  4. Soooo, when's your Mama gonna start to feed your family 'Shortnin' Bread?, that's what our neighbor says to my son who is 6'6". His height skipped a generation on both mine and hubby's side. We are both on the shorter side, the kids and cousins are all tall too...we must feed them right.
    So Happy to hear that Stacy is doing better. God Give Us Hope

  5. Glad things went well for Stacy. I pray they will continue.
    We've been routing with you for Duke! Hope to catch the game this weekend.


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