Mama Told Me....You've Got Lucky Lips!!!

When I was just a little girl
With long, silky curls
My Mama told me, Honey
You've got more than other girls

Now you may not be good looking
But you'll soon wear diamond clips
And you'll never have to worry
Cause you've got Lucky Lips.

Yep, this GRIT has Lucky Lips!  Well, maybe just Lucky!  That was my first thought when I spotted this booklet in an antique shop in Fredricksburg, Texas. 

GALE STORM aka My Little Margie!  OMGosh I had this Paper Doll booklet when I was just a little girl with long, silky curls.

What a fun find and such a surprise.  Even bigger surprise was the $20 price tag.

So out came the camera to get pics of all the pages of Gale's fabulous clothes.  That was a thrifty bit of paper doll shopping with a savings of $19.85.  The original cost of the booklet was 15 cents. 

After feeling so Lucky, my next thought was, "Look at that Pink Formal...it's perfect for a Pink Saturday Post".  I would have been singing "Lucky Lips" if I had remembered that as being one of Gale Storms hits in 1957.  Course as a ten year old in 1957 I was more interested in Gale's Pink Formal and Pink Cape than her Lucky Lips.

I found out about Lucky Lips when I Googled Gale!

OMGoogle....Gale was a GIRL RAISED IN TEXAS!!!

She was born in Bloomington, Texas in Victoria County and raised in Houston, Texas. 

Yep, my Blowin Road Trip blew me right to Josephine Owassa Cottle aka Gale Storm's home town of Houston, Texas.

Ya'll can read all about Gale's Movie, TV and Recording career HERE and visit her Official Website HERE.  To HEAR Gale's UTube Video of Lucky Lips click HERE.

For the rest of this Gale Storm Pink Saturday Post I'll share the rest of the Paper Doll Booklet and Gale's Fabulous Clothes. 

PS...I sure hope this Paper Doll Booklet is still at the Antique Shop in Fredricksburg when I go back through on the way home.  I picked up $20 bucks betting on March Madness.  Go Duke!!!

Thanks Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for being the Hostess with the Mostess!  Pink Saturdays list of Pretty Paper Doll Pinkies is HERE!  See Ya'll There!


  1. OH her clothes are all just gorgeous!
    Go Kansas State !!! :-)

  2. I remember her, sugar! I used to watch it on television...oh, what, about 50 years ago or more. Hah....Did that just bring back some memories.

  3. I used to play with paperdolls all the time as a young girl! Love your pinks and the new look on the blog. (I sure am enjoying my bunny treasures, too). :)Cindy

  4. Cute post, and boy does it bring back memories. I used to go to the Dime Store on Saturday with my mama and stand in front of the paper dolls and ponder the whole time Mama was shopping. It was a tough decision on which dolls to spend my precious 29 cents on. Those were the days. Thanks for the memories!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  5. I've always loved paper dolls!

    Happy PS!

    In Shoes We Trust.
    Maggie Mae
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  6. I don't know who Gale Storm was but I do love paper dolls. How fun!
    Have a wonderful pink weekend!
    As for the way you make place mats...what a great idea! I wish I had a long arm quilter.

  7. Your paper doll find is to die for. Awesome.
    I still have some. I love this collection, however. So grown-up.
    Bless your search

  8. Great paper doll find! Go Duke!!

  9. I loved Gale Storm! Oh my! Memories are flooding my mind thinking about my paper dolls when I was a kid. Girls today do not know what they are missing! I see a new American Girl Store opening today. Although I love dolls I think it is absolutely ridiculous to spend money to have your little girls doll hair styled! Give me a break! In this economy! But all the decision makers are people who do not give a darn about those of us who struggle in these difficult times! They spend money so foolishly! Oh I am sorry, I did not mean to ruin the moment. Ah...paper dolls! Gale Storm! Awesome!

  10. Wow, $20??? You did the right thing in my book...

    Loved seeing this!

  11. Oh my gosh! I had forgotten all about Gale Storm. I used to watch that show and loved it. I wonder why they don't show the series now. Great memories and a great book too at a perfect price, Happy Pink Saturday to you, Char

  12. I LOVED playing with paperdolls when I was little! It was something I could afford to buy all by myself with my allowance and babysitting money! ;) Happyu Pink Saturday!

  13. Oh my..do I ever remember paper dolls. They were probably my most favorite thing..my sister and I used to design and color all sorts of outfits for our paper dolls. What great fun..and Sue, you brought back some wonderful memories. Thank you..
    Happy Pinks and have a gorgeous weekend.

  14. Fabulous clothes... I never played with paper dolls, but always drew round them to make my own clothes - pages and pages. Those were the days!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. What a walk down memory lane! I'm sure I had these paper dolls. My sister and I spent hours spread out on a quilt under the shrubs playing with our paper dolls. Hope Gale is waiting for you. :-)

  16. I used to sit under my grandmas peddal sewing machine and play paper dolls when I was little. Hope she's still there when you return.

  17. Hi, Sue,
    I hope you get the paperdoll book, too! I loved Gale Storm and My Little Margie. I did not know she was a Texas gal which is even better! Those fashions are wonderful, aren't they? Happy Pink Saturday, sweet friend! Vicki

  18. hi sue -- your blog is one happy place to be! the paperdolls look like FUN (wouldn't they make a great border or wallpaper for a small area?!). thanks for taking the time to drop by my blog earlier. (o: happy pink saturday!

  19. Love the paperdoll book. Can't believe no one cut the clothing. I still have the paperdolls from my childhood somewhere. Maybe I'll look for them now that I've seen this lovely Pink Saturday post.
    Thanks for the memories.

  20. so delightful! I loved playing paperdolls! This is my first Pink Saturday and I'm enjoying hopping around and seeing all the pink pretties! Please stop by my place and see my little Basket Full of Sunshine! until later...

  21. These are wonderful. I sure hope that they are still there too. Good for you and DUKE!


  22. 20$ is a but much, but she sure could dress!

  23. What a cute story about your Lucky Lips. You did really well on getting that Gale Storm Paper Doll book with the cloths in the condition. Great find.

  24. I'm just thrilled to see that you, too, are interested in paper dolls! I just bought a few yesterday at a favorite antique mall in Ohio that my husband and I sometimes visit! Love these! Thanks so much for sharing!

  25. Hi Sue! I love paper dolls. Thank you for showing us the pictures of all the clothes! I've missed you!

  26. Hi Sue, oh paper dolls...do they even have them anymore? Anne is right, little girls do not know what they are missing.I need a pair of scissors and paper dolls right now!
    Also loved Gale Storm..what great memories, thanks so much for posting! And for stopping by my PS blog..

  27. By golly, I remember Gale Storm but not as a paper doll. Neato find.
    Joyce M

  28. Gale Storm! What a great find. And, bless your heart for watching basketball and winning $20 to make it your own. Now that's hard work! :-)

  29. I remember Gale Storm very well! Watched on tv when I was a girl. Just the other day, I was channel hopping and her show was being aired! What a surprise! Very old, black and white, a little over the top, but such fun to watch!


  30. Sue, I am so glad I finally made it here. Happy Pink Saturday to you.

    I am in love, love, love with this post. I remember My Little Margie.

    And, then you made things even better by saying Go Duke! You know I love my Dukies! ;-)


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