'I DoubleDare Ya'....A Fragmented Friday Memory!!!

This Girl Raised In Texas with 'The Squirt', is joining MizMollye in Fragmented Friday! 

Mollye's post today...In Vogue...sparked a 1950's memory about 'The Squirt, Mama and Me'.

Mama didn't Knit, but she did Beautiful Embroidery!
The Squirt didn't Sit, but stood on his head alot!
This GRIT didn't play with dolls, but laughed at TheSquirt alot!

By now, Ya'll have figured out that The Squirt is my Brother. 
 His real name is Tommy and tomorrow, March 6th is his Birthday! 

PS...Notice how much attention Mama is paying to the Squirt and where he is pointing the PopGun?
PPS...Notice how much attention Mama is paying to GRIT and her 'I DoubleDareYa' taunt?


  1. Anonymous3/05/2010

    love those pictures of you two... and your perm, is so purty.
    hugs..."lil sis"

  2. Oh this is fun! Mom's were so cool back then weren't they. I'm just sayin they did not get stressed or flustered. I mean did you ever hear the word STRESS... no they just did what they had to do and were happy to be doing it and they expected their kids to act like heathens from time to time. Thanks for playing the game. And hope your weekend is happy. Bet little bro is gonna be standin on his head celebrating the big Birthday! Tell him Happy Birthday from your loyal fans, readers and buddies! XXMollye

  3. What wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing!



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