A Tisket A Tasket They're Not EggsActly Egg Baskets....

They're Baskets In Waiting...

They're Baskets Full of Wool...

They're Baskets of Lace, Crochet and Knitted Wonders...

They're another COLLECTION !

This GRIT has collected baskets for many years, and it all started quite accidently and innocently!

It was my only childs 'First Easter Basket'.  I had to keep it.  I'd kept His every FirstThingie.  Therein was the Innocently!

Accidently, I used the FirstEaster Basket to display HIS FirstStuffed Stuff and OFS (other first stuff)!

The FirstFull EasterBasket led to the SecondStuffed FullBasket and, well, you get the Full BlownBasket Picture!

I don't know why I'm explaining my Basket Case!

I swear, on a stack of baskets, that I never WasteBaskets!

Like this Victorian Sewing Basket.  OMGosh,  I can't tell you how much I paid....chaching, chaching!  But it really is Victorian, hand woven and painted, and in excellent condition. It's PRICELESS!

Yes, Honey, I said  It's Priced to Sale!

So, one basket led to another basket and soon to HANDMADE Baskets! 

 I can tell you what I WOULD have paid for the Handmade, Signed and Numbered Longerberger Basket if I'd bought it off eBay....$47 plus shipping....chaching!  At the Salvation Army Store...$5...Nearly PRICELESS!!  Yes, Honey, I said I'd Sale it for $57 and not a PennyLess!  Not and Double Not!!!

This Handmade Basket is the most treasured basket in my collection.

*The Pine Needles are from a 50 year old tree that stood in my front yard.
*The tiny white beads are bird bone beads, the white disk beads are hand carved antler beads, and the turquoise chips are all pieces that are over 1200 years old that I dug out of the ground.
 *The basket was made in a Basket Making Class at the Bead and Button Show in Dallas, Texas, twenty years ago....by this GRIT! 
Yes, Honey, I'm glad you agree that this one IS PRICELESS!
...And Yes, Honey, I'll be sure and tell them I'm a Big BC!!

PS...I am a Basket Collector...NOT...a Basket Case!

I'm in good company with the Other Collectors and Suzanne at ColoradoLady for Vintage Thingie Thursday.

Ya'll will really enjoy visiting there, I sure do.


  1. Sue, I love baskets too. It is so hard for me to pass one up at the thrift store. Large ones hold magazines, fabric, knitting, books, well anything that needs holding. Love your collection.


  2. You are so funny! I love them all, but the handmade basket is my favorite, with all the embellishments.

  3. I love all your baskets..and I love that pretty folded quilt also. Happy VTT..

  4. I used to sell Longaberger, so I have many. I was a lousy saleswoman but I'm glad I have such a nice supply! YOUR baskets are great! I'll miss you! I'll try to check on your blogs and you! xoxo

  5. Very nice collection and a darling treasure hunt story. Happy St. Pattys Day!
    Hugs, Diane

  6. I love baskets and they can multiply while not looking...I swear they can! I have some Longaberger baskets(Chaching for sure)and love them.

  7. Howdy Sweetie
    Oh how marvelous was this post .
    A gal after my own heart .
    I can tell you that those are priceless baskets !!!!!!!!
    Blessings of joy to you and a happy St.Patick's day too :)
    Big Texas size hugs
    Happy Trails

  8. Hi Sue...I love baskets too and have found some of the Longabergers at the Goodwill also...Don't you just love it...I guard it in my cart afraid that someone will notice what it is and change the price or something! You have a terrific collection.

    I came over to your blog from my sister Diane's blog, Saturday Finds. Glad to visit you. I will be back again soon! I signed up to follow.

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  9. What a wonderful collection!

  10. You are too darn funny! I am getting a lil too excited when I see baskets lately, but hopefully that doesn't mean I am turning into a basketcase :)

    I love the basket you made. You are so talented!

    Happy VTT too
    -brightest blessings-

  11. We all have our hang ups, yours is just baskets. You have a a nice variety of them. A cute post.

  12. I love your Victorian sewing basket. I saw one yesterday that wasn't in such nice condition, and it still was quite expensive.

  13. I love your baskets and how you have them set up is just beautiful! Im not good at that. When I try it just screams - disorder! but yours look so good!!!

    Happy VTT!

  14. What a wonderful collection of baskets you have. I just love the look of baskets filled with trims and yarn. they show off the best that way!

  15. A tisket, a tasket, a red and yellow basket.. Wow,I can't believe I remember that! Great collection!

  16. Oh, Sue...you are in mighty fine company....you have WONDERFUL baskets...and well I have junk dishes!!!! What fun it is...truly. I really love that basket made out of pine needles. I had saved a tutorial on my computer that crashed, I wanted to try this, but now it is gone... :( I am still so upset over that....love yours! and I agree...priceless....priceless!!! have a great VTT!

  17. Sue- your handmade basket with the beads, buttons and pine needles is fabulous and even more so because it is so personalized. What a creative gal you are! Happy VTT and thanks for sharing!

  18. What a fabulous collection!

  19. You have some fantastic baskets. I love the victorian one, I would probably have paid too much if I had found one of those! Your handmade pine needle basket is amazing.

  20. Hi There, What a great collection of baskets you have there. Thanks for your visit today, Have a good day. Julian

  21. Baskets are useful and beautiful! Thanks for sharing your collection!

  22. Anonymous3/19/2010

    ConnieMarie said...Well Sue, you know how much I love BASKETS too...can't help myself. I have never seen that basket you made. I love that!
    Don't worry...I know you are not a "basket case", I take that title...
    Hugs...:0) "lilsis"

  23. would you do me a favor, and make a list of all the things you collect, I can't keep up!


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