Howdy Ya'll from Bella Terrazza in Fort Stockton, Texas

Welcome to Bella Terrazza in Fort Stockton, Texas.
Bella Terrazza is the most beautiful Home Decor Shop in West Texas....maybe all of Texas!
Bella Terrazza  means Beautiful Terrace in English, and is where I work...or really I should say Play!
I thought Ya'll might be tired of seeing CollectInTexas Gal all boarded up, so I'm opening up Shop here in Fort Stockton, Texas....The Gateway to the Big Bend!

Bella Terrazza features lots of Texas items like the ones you see here.  Rustic iron pieces are used right along with beautiful  beaded silk table runners, ornate and polished woods and fine art prints. 

The Texas Room is always filled with unique Iron Wall Art, Framed Western Prints, HorseShoe Iron Decor items, Texas Candleabra and much more.  At Christmas, you can find Texas Ornaments and Western Wreaths with lots of Red Chili dishes and serving pieces.

Yep, It's a Texas Place allright!

I know many of you are Crazy for Roosters. 
 Here's a vignette of  Bella Terrazza's Red Rooster Room!

PS...Hope you have enjoyed this quick peek at Bella Terrazza.  I'll be back later in the week with some of the amazing Talavera.  What's Talavera?  I posted about it HERE last year....check it out!


Sarah said...

Next time we drive through Ft. Stockton on the way to Santa Fe, we'll have to stop in Bella Terrazza. Thanks for introducing it to us.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

So that's where you are! Sounds like hard but fun work! Lovely stuff and gorgeous name of the business.

Elaine said...

Would love to play in your store. I have a small chicken collection and a few of your caught my eye. Thanks for sharing. Elaine

Diane said...

Oh, I love this--I would love to spend all day there!!

Annesphamily said...

I could have so much fun there! Ooohhh...thank you for sharing! You have a great job!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh My Goodness Sweetie...
No wonder you love to go there to play. What a beautiful place. I too, would love working there, because it would be like playing, How fun. Love the roosters. They are my favorite for sure. You look so beautiful in your pictures. So beautiful.

I just wanted to let you know my Pink Attitude arrived. It is in my china cabinet for safe keeping for now. I so love this plate. I will be posting it with my pink post this Saturday so be on the look out. My husband thought it sure did fit me to a "T". I will be posting my giveaway for my 200th post soon. I can't wait to share with everyone. Thank you again sweetie.

Hope you have a fun couple of weeks up or down there. (not sure which direction you are from home). Take more pics. It is so much fun to look in a shop. I just love it.

Have a beautiful day sweetie. Country hugs and so much love...Sherry

Anonymous said...

What a fun place to play!!!!
Glad to see you out of your box!

Pom Pom said...

How did you know I like roosters? Smile. Thank you for showing us where you are. What are the dogs doing? Are they with your hubby?

Beansieleigh said...

Oh, I LOVE the Rooster Room!! Oh, if only we could just jump right through our little 'puter screens to see all the lovely places and things up closer sometimes!!.. I was shopping just yesterday at my local general dollar store, just to pick up a couple things, and came across some beautiful new ROOSTER dishes! You would have thought I was a kid on Christmas morning! Mine name was ALL OVER THOSE DISHES! Off I was running to the check out, with as much as my arms could carry! I left the store, and realized I forgot papertowels!.. (Sigh).. Back in I went to get those! Finally, I was heading home, tickled pink with my treasure!.. My new dishes!! Off I go to find just the right place to put them, and then I'm going to TRY to warm up, on this cold, cold day, by baking some homemade banana bread! ((hugs)) ~tina

sjmcdowell said...

Hiya Sue!!! I love these newest pictures...you look so pretty in your yellow sweater too!!
Oh I finally saw your comment about your birthday
bash what to wear and thank you for including me iin your comments about what to wear. Sorry my thank you to you is late!! Hugsss to you dear lady!! Susan in Georgia

Dapoppins said...

The red and the roosters...two of my favorite things.

i bet you love your job!


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