MayFlowerSeries...Royal Heiress Lily

The 'Flower of the Month' for May is the Lily, specifically, depending on the source, the 'Lily of The Valley'.  It is a small flower that blooms in clusters and is white.  When I think of lilies, ones like the Royal Heiress come to mind. 
There are hundreds of different true lilies, they are a perennial plants, and have numerous meanings...royalty and regal bearing, motherhood and fertility, purity and the beauty of youth, passion and drive, and renewal and rebirth.  This Royal Heiress blooms every year in a Lily Garden a few miles from where I live.
 The gardener invited me to photograph not only her lily beds, but any and all of her at least half acre yard of flowering plants, trees and shrubs.  Her name is Rose.  How perfect is that!

Yes, Rose, 'Friends are Forever', and so it seems so are Lilies!


  1. Rose is a perfect name for a gardener. Lovely grounds. And the Royal Heiress - just in time for the royal wedding on Friday.

  2. We visited the lily garden a few years ago, while visiting. I'd been there before several times. I'm enjoying your flower posts. Sorry, getting caught up on blog reading all at once.


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