May Flower Series...Cactus On The Porch

Have you noticed how many people begin a sentence with the word 'So' when asked to explain or give an opinion on which they may or may not be an expert?  In guides for 'Better Writing and Speaking'...using the word 'So' in that manner is as bad or worse than saying 'Uh, well yada yada yada'. 

I bring this up because I'm fixin' (a Texas shorting for 'about to')  switch subjects for the month of May and anticipate there will be questions. 

For instance, what happened to posting about Sewing, Crocheting, Knitting, Spinning, Jewelry, Studio 14 and all those topics of which most consider my field of expertise. 

So, here's my answer...I need a break...my studio's need de-cluttering...my shop inventory and space is flowing over...and my photo files are...well, uh, a nightmare to navigate.

Lastly and honestly...it's getting redundant.  I mean, how many ways can I show you how to knit and purl or sew and spin.  How many more times can I rearrange/de-clutter/de-stash my Home Studio and Shop Studio.  You know these are rhetorical questions, right?

So, the solution as I see it, is to use this month of May as a break from all the above crafting rhetoric/posting.  Let's begin by working through my 'Flower' photo files...like these shots of my sister's Porch and Pots of Cactus.
Her green thumb not only produces beautiful flower beds, house plants and a Yard of the Month, but also a variety of common and exotic cactus.  The flower beds are artfully decorated with ornamental iron works and lined with a collection of rocks.  And as you can see, pots not only hold plants, but unique pieces like the ceramic hand painted bird from Mexico. 

 My Green Thumb Sister in the Gardens at The Historical Sebastopol House in Sequin, Texas.


Joanne said...

a lovely change of pace. Your sister does have a green thumb - very nice picture of her. And the variety of cacti is impressive. Fun May!

Pondside said...

A change is....as good as a rest! You have the rest and we'll appreciate the change, or whatever you post. I like your wit!


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