MayFlowerSeries...Daisy Tablescape

Is Tablescaping still a thing in Blogland?  Back in 2012 I participated in several 'Tablescaping Memes' that gave me the opportunity to play with my collection of dishes and all things for setting a table.  Dishin' With Metlox On The Poppy Trail  is a post that featured one of my Floral Table Setting Collections.  About that same time, I did another setup featuring the vintage 'Daisy Tablecloth' with the idea it would be the next Tablescaping post.  Didn't happen then...so, now seems a good time during this month of May Flower Series posts. 
As a collector of 'All Things Table Setting'...it is rare to find a table cloth that is in mint condition.  The Daisy Cloth was such a find.  Made by Simtex probably from the 1950-60 era.  Somewhere in this blog there is a post about the company Simtex and several other tablecloths in my collection.  Maybe it will pop up in the 'Link Within' list since I have mentioned it in this post.  Not finding it is...as I mentioned in the beginning of this 'May Flower Series' post....due to my photo files being a 'Nightmare to Navigate.

Back to the Daisy Tablescape.  Putting together a table full of daisies was, I remember, a challenge...especially without a vase of live daisy flowers.  Nevertheless, the daisy theme continued with a Metlox Daisy Platter, Daisy Tea Glasses and a collection of yellow and dishes, pink napkins with green rings and crocheted trivets.
 I'm feeling a bit nostalgic.  How about you?


  1. I'd say you pulled it off. I love daisies. Good job!

  2. I enjoy meme seam like there harder to fine. I like a nicely dress table.
    Coffee is on

  3. These daisies are beautiful. We should "go all out" with fancy table scapes every day. STOP...the "grab and go bag". Lets "stop and smell the daisies"...y'all!
    Love...."lis sis"


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