Hello Grasshoppers, Bees, Bugs, Beetles and Flying Flowers

It is that time of year in Texas for the cactus to bloom, and the best places to see them are along the roadsides, in fields, under mesquite trees and around rocks.  With that in mind, you can imagine the caution this photographer takes in order to get close enough to zoom in and capture the blooms and whatever is enjoying their nectar.  Thankfully, in this prickly pear photo shoot, it was a grasshopper and not a sunning on the rocks snake.  It's that time of year for them, too.
At least Bees give one fair warning as they buzz in and out of blooming flowers.  Once they land you have to be quick on the zoom, focus and click...then run.  Part of the thrill in macro shooting flowers is in the digitizing and discovering the visitors in their blooms....like the following photos.
One thing about Ants...they are busy running up and down the flower stems/stalks, so unless you are picking their food source...you are safe.  So glad I was not picking this sunflower...never saw the ants until I enlarged it on my computer. 
Yellow Jackets and other flying/stinging insects keep you on your toes, too. 
It's always exciting to see the results of a very quick zoom, focus, click and run.
Hello Beetle and Flying Flowers!


  1. Hi Sue = stunning photos ... delightful to see and to think about the wild life - cheers Hilary

  2. Ray was just in hill country - San Saba - and took lots of pics of the cactus blooms. So pretty and so fleeting. Very nice shots on this post!

  3. I love the brilliant colours you have in Texas!

  4. Nature sure can be pretty


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