MayFlowerSeries...Buds-Butterflies-Birds and Pups

Going through the photo files has been like a trip down memory lane.  So many photos taken, digitized, filed and forgotten.  I began with the idea of this series being just about flowers.  Quickly I realized how often flowers played a part in photos of people, places and pups. 

The Bud, Butterfly and Bird photos are an example of a 'Place' visited a few years ago on a day trip to The San Antonio Botanical Gardens with my Sister.  I'm sure I ran out of juice in my camera with all the pictures I took that day.  If I remember correctly, I drained my phone camera as well. 

As I mentioned earlier...Here.. Sister has a Green Thumb.  Her patio not only has live flowers and plants, but flower décor from rugs to wind chimes.  Besides her love for plants and flowers, she has the kindest most loving heart for dogs. 

She is active in a Rescue and Adoption group and has been instrumental in finding loving, safe homes for many dogs. I adopted two of her rescue puppies...how could I not when she cares for many times more.
Here we are on the dog walk trail at a natural habitat park. 


Ann said...

These are great pictures Sue, love seeing buds become gorgeous flowers.

Joanne said...

nice pics of smiling faces and perky buds

Unknown said...

Love your buds, blooms, and bugs! Your a "natural" when it comes to capturing beauty in mother nature and seeing the beauty in people, "Sweet Sue". Great photos of the puppies. Wish you were here to take a stroll with me an my dog pack today!
Love You,


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