May Day~AtoZ Summary~Junk Genuis

I think it's a common May Day Malady...not knowing what's next after an intense month of blogging every day but Sunday.  But....I survived another AtoZ Challenge. 
Survived is about all I did...due to a very busy schedule at my shop, several commitments scheduled before deciding to do the Challenge, and a sudden illness of a family member. 
My apologies to those who visited and commented that went unanswered and/or received a return visit.  I hope to catch up with you soon. 

As it turned out, my 'Motto Header Quote' was the perfect reminder for keeping my 'OverDoSueness' in check.  Thanks to everyone who visited and commented.  I enjoyed participating after skipping 2017, and found the format for posting this year accommodating and easy. 

Do you know anyone who is a genius at putting together junk?  I do...and no, it's not me, although I have been known to be a junk junkie!  Meet Pap-Ricka-Sue....created by a very talented 'Junk/Repurpose/Restore' artist Big Tom.  Tom and I go way back...as to high school...and through the years have kept up with each others 'Craft/Art World' endeavors. 
What a fun surprise to receive this 'Junk Portrait' made from a paprika shaker, a tea diffuser (head), skeleton keys (arms) and various nuts and bolts.  She sets on a wood block beside her vintage RedEye Treadle sewing machine.  Does Big Tom know me well or what!!! 

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  1. fun summary and you can be proud of your A to Z contribution to April. I enjoyed every post.


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