AtoZ Challenge...Remnants

Shopping for fabric and remnants back in the days of my Great Grandmother may have been limited to mail order catalogs like W. and H. Walker.  

I seriously doubt she owned a Silk Finished Messaline dress and more than likely never ordered remnants.  Even with the PrePay Postage and the unheard of inclusion of  2 1/2 yards of SILK in each Remnant Bundle for $1.00. 

What she probably did was study every picture and page of this W. and H. Walker mail order catalog and then shopped the local Texas Mercantile for cotton yardage that would make three dresses for herself, Stella and Ella. 

Stella was my grandmother, and in 1917 she probably wished for the '3 for $1.39' dresses.
I am my Great Grandmother's 'Remnant Collecting Granddaughter'.  And like her, I am a 'Picky Remnant Collector' with 100 percent Cottons being my #One Choice.

The Remnant Shelf is the first place I head these days at my local fabric store.   It's not that I really NEED these wrapped bundles....I just really love the way they look in my  Sewing Room and the Basket that reminds me of my Great Grandmother. 
Besides, much like in 1917,  these bundles are a bargin
even without the  2 1/2 yards of SILK!

PS...I'm gone again...will catch up on Monday!
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Wendy said...

Many moons ago when my mother was sewing SOMETHING just about every day, we always stopped first at the remnants table at Piece Goods, our favorite fabric store. It always felt like a bargain to find just enough fabric in just the right material.

Leanne said...

You would have a piece of fabric for every occasion I'm sure Sue - I'm eye-ing off the owl one there (my niece is a huge owl fabric fan). I bet you love imagining what those remnants will ultimately become.

Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
R for Remember Silence

Joanne said...

nice to know you are carrying traditions. Remnants memory

Tami Von Zalez said...

I live for thrift shop remnants, the bulk of my quilts are made from them.

bookworm said...

I never thought of using remnants for decorating purposes. I love it! I love the vintage catalog, too. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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