AtoZ Challenge...Stockinette Stitch Speed Knitting

I am a SLOW Knitter and a SPEEDY Crocheter.  This I know from years of starting knitting projects that about half way through become WIP (works in progress) that seldom make any progress.  They eventually are Un-knitted via the Yarn Winder.  Yikes...all those hours knitting ripped out in minutes.
 I truly love the look of knitting....just plain ole knitting which is called 'Stockinette Stitch'.
So, when I get the urge to knit and the project calls for casting on a kabillion stitches on forever circular needles I get out 'Bonda'. 

She and I have a close bond when it comes to Stockinette Speed Knitting. 

For the Cardigan Shrug I cast on every other needle for a total of 25.  This makes a loose stockinette  stitch when using worsted weight homespun yarn. 

Zipping back and forth across the 25 needles for about 15 minutes makes a knitted piece 15 inches wide and 40 inches long.  In about 45 minutes I have three panels made.  Speedy, right?  Now for 'Speedy Crochet' to join the panels which I usually do in my 'Needlework Nest' while watching TV.  All that is left is to Speedy Crochet edging all around and around the armholes to make a cuff.

Modella will model for you as soon as I finish 'Speedy Crocheting'.
That WAS speedy, huh?
PS...I'm gone again...will catch up on Monday!
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  1. I've seen these knitting machines at the state fair each year and they intrigue me with how quickly items can be created.


  2. Ooh now I feel like I’ve been let in on a magician’s secret.

  3. I have never used a knitting machine. I wonder if you can use them if you don't know how to knit? (I can do the crochet part - maybe not speedily, but I can). (maybe a great theme for a K post?) Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  4. I love that sweater. I am not a knitter although I have crocheted a few things.

    Janet’s Smiles

  5. Bonda is QUITE the friend, isn't she!

  6. wow - I bet that's fun to watch.....just magic rolling off the machine

  7. Interesting! Can they knit socks? That's what I've been knitting lately. I would enjoy seeing one in person.


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