AtoZ Challenge...Needlepoint Pocket and Pansy PhD

First, I confess I did not stick one needle through the needlepoint canvas of this stunning day lily needlepoint.  It was repurposed from a framed needlepoint picture found at a flea market.  I cannot pass by any needlepoint pieces at thrift shops, junktique stores or flea markets.  My first thought goes to the person who put in so much time and effort, and my next thought is..."I have to save it".  Therein begins it's path to becoming a PhD...Project half Done!

Now for earning credits...with the Needlepoint de-framed,  it is lined and ready to be a bag pocket.  Next came the Bonda BagBody. It takes less than thirty minutes to whip out a BagBody on Bonda.

I cast on Bonda with 'Waste Yarn' and knitted the front first... keeping in mind the placement of the pocket, and that I wanted the section for the pocket to be knitted in black so the pocket would blend.   I also wanted to repeat most of the colors in the Lily Pocket...which worked out perfect for using up several PhDone skeins of yarn.

Once the front was knitted, consideration was given to what would be the bottom of the bag and the color that would wear best and also fit the scheme of the bag.  I think the burnt orange worked out great.  The 'Tweedy' looking yarn was perfect for the main color and there was more than a PhDone skein.  Bands of the coordinating colors in varied widths complete the back of the bag. 

 As you can see...I finished with crochet.  Crochet is such an easy and quick way to finish a knitted piece, and I love the mixes of textures it gives to the overall look of the bag. 

That's why I chose to do the strap in the 'Afghan Stitch' aka Tunisian Crochet.  It makes for a sturdy strap as well.

Now for the decorating!!!!

With the Fall colors in the Lily Pocket being carried out through the knitted bag body, it seemed a perfect time to use the fall fabric I had in my stash for the lining. 

It is machine stitched to the bag and then a running stitch of perl cotton to give a decorative look and to give the crocheted edging and bag opening stability.

More decorative touches are added with the Crocheted Shell Edging done in a DK weight yarn, and my FAVORITE  embellishment of the string of beads sewn to the strap. 

Not only do I SAVE needlepoint by others, I needlepoint, too. 
Still earning credit towards my Pansy PhD.
Are you working on your PhD?


  1. Look at us - we both chose “Needlepoint” for today’s letter!

  2. That's such a beautiful needlepoint pattern. Such lovely colors and image!


  3. I love that calla lily - I have them done in stained glass as my staircase railing and my husband made me some in metal art - I now want that needlepoint bag!

    Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
    N for Never lie

  4. I haven't run into needlepoints that pretty. I've found a couple of cross-stitch keepers I should highlight on my blog.
    We are so alike in that we finish other's unfinished projects.

  5. Hi Sue - your work is so clever ... and if you have a passion, one can't not pursue it - lovely to see and read - cheers Hilary


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