AtoZ Challenge...Upper Looper

 Before I get into explaining the 'Upper Looper', you should probably know it is an important part of a seamstress/quilter/sewers arsenal of machines....the SERGER.  You should also know threading the SERGER sends said seamstress/quilter/sewer into a state of high anxiety!  Often a jigger full of a stiff drink is needed before threading a serger.

No matter how experienced one is at threading a serger, having the instructions front and center is imperative.   Get it out BEFORE you start. 

Now for threading the Upper Looper...it's the needle with the purple thread in the above photo.  It's a breeze to thread!!!

That jigger drink to calm your anxiety attack is for threading the LOWER LOOPER.  It's the needle under the Upper Looper with the pink thread.  If or when it comes un-threaded....one jigger is not enough.

The trick to saving your sanity and staying sober is to never change the thread color...OR...as per instructions:
When changing threads, cut the threads between the thread guide and the thread guide plate.  Pull the threaded needle threads until the tied knots reach the needles.  Cut the knots out and thread the left and right needles with the new color.  Thread the LOWER Looper first, then the UPPER Looper.  (my tip....tie a small tight knot in the old/new threads...it will slide through the large eye of the loopers).


  1. This is a completely foreign language to me - I've never heard of an upper looper of a Serger and have no idea what you'd use one for. Fail for me!

    Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
    U for Understand Yourself

  2. I got stressed just reading this

  3. In her last years of sewing, my mother bought a serger. Don't recall the jigger though.

  4. I have looked into sergers but I think the only thing I would use it for is to finish off raw edges of fabric I've washed.
    I've heard of that trick of tying onto the other thread. I have enough challenges with me and my regular sewing machines.

  5. I've always wanted to try a serger. However, they look so complicated. My mom was part of a ladies group she founded through her church. They made quilts for people experiencing homelessness - and serged the edges. Saved a tremendous amount of time and looked nice.


  6. I tried to use a serger once, and broke a thread, and put it away. I just inherited a serger, but, I'm waiting for the manual before I try it out.


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