AtoZ Challenge...X Marks With Knitting Needles

It is of no great consequence and certainly not a revelation to the world of knitting that my knitting needles make 'X's'.  I never thought of it before, but being desperate for something...anything...to use for this letter of the alphabet for the 2018 AtoZ Challenge, my search for X's was filed under Knitting.  Who knew?
I have Xed out of ever knit beading again!


Wendy said...

Oh Sue - you are X-tremely clever, so I award you X-tra credit for this X-ceptional contribution to the A-Z Challenge.

Joanne said...

X marks you spot in the blog challenge. Good job

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

That's a clever way of looking at "X"! Although I don't knit, I didn't realize that the needles made x's as a person is knitting.


bookworm said...

X is such a hard letter - and you conquered it in such an imaginative way. X did mark the spot! Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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