AtoZ Challenge...Fiddly Fiber

AtoZ Letter 'F'

As newbie Spinner still getting the hang of coordinating hands and feet on the spinning wheel, it took a few days to get up the courage to spin the basket of Fiddly Fiber.  I didn't want to mess it up, besides it was so pretty sitting in the basket.  So, I continued to practice on several other groups of mixed fibers alternating between spinning, plying, spinning again with another mix and fancy plying...learned that on this U-Tube...so fun and quickly becoming a favorite technique.

It's a process to get the basket of Fiddly Fiber in basket one to the Finished Fiddly Fiber in basket two.  After fiddling around with other fibers...described above...I had a pile ready to 'Set' in a warm bath.  Setting keeps the twisted/plied fibers twisted and stable...it's the wool/mohair that binds everything together, and since I LOVE mixing a bunch of fibers together, I almost always ply/fix with at least one strand of mohair/wool of some sort.

After the bath the skeins are hung to dry.  Now you can see the mixed fibers more distinctly.  Only the Fiddly Basket Fiber is 100% wool/mohair.  The others are a mix of acrylic, bamboo, fun fur, metallic, mohair and ribbon.
Now doesn't that make you want to Fiddle with Fiber?
PS...Thank you for commenting.  I will catch up with you on Sunday.  This is my weekend to be featured in a Wearable Arts Showcase.


  1. Anything that enhances the texture is a winner with me! So fiddle on!

  2. Such pretty colors and textures!

  3. Love the colors but not sure I'd be able to handle all the work involved.

    Janet’s Smiles


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